Grandmaster Tse’s Chun Yuen Dairies 俊元日記 1

Chùn Yuén Quán 俊元拳 is a Northern Shàolín Quán 少林拳, that was passed to the Beijing Opera. One of the great master’s was Wang Ping 王平.

History and Name Part 1

He passed his skill on to my Sifu, Wu Chun Yuen 武俊元, who then passed this Kung Fu skill to me, and I have been passing it on to my students.

I first met my teacher, in 1989, when I was in Běijīng 北京 studying Qìgōng 氣功. When I first met him, he was about 50 years old, and I was 29 years old.  I travelled to Běijīng every year, sometimes twice a year, in the winter and the summer. When I first started learning this skill I was mainly interested in weapons and the first thing I learnt was the staff. I had never learnt this before and so I found it very fascinating. Once I began studying, I loved learning all those weapons. After a few weeks I had learnt the whole staff form, which was Dámó Gùn 達摩棍 – Damo Staff, then I learnt the Méihuā Qiāng 梅花槍 – Plum Blossom Spear. Over the summer I learnt two weapons. In the morning I would go to the park to lean Shàolín Quán and during the daytime I would go to see my Qìgōng Sifu 師父, Yang Mei Jun 楊梅君. Then I was learning Fófǎ Fàng Xiāng Gōng 佛法放香功 – Buddhist Releasing Fragrance Gong. It was a great time. I came to love Beijing a lot, it is my favour city in the world. At that time, the traffic was easy as most people cycled and there were not many cars, so I cycled everywhere for practise and for sightseeing.