Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 415

When I finish my work shift I went home and immediately called Sīfú Ip Chun 葉準師父 on the phone.

Studying with Sīfú 師父

Part 2

When he picked up the phone I asked about studying with him and told him that I had studied with my uncle Tse Chui Hung 謝超鴻, who had taught me Síu Lihm Tào  小念頭 – Reducing Thought – Wing Chun’s first form and Tsum Kìuh 尋橋 – Looking for the Bridge – Wing Chun’s second form. Sīfú Ip Chun listened and then told me to come to his house where he was teaching. I had to wait before going to see because I was working a shift which meant the times I were free were not suitable for him. A week later, I went to his home in Ping Shek Estate, Kowloon 九龍. It was summer and when knocked on his door Sīfú Ip Chun opened it and invited me to come in. His home was a small studio apartment and all I could see was a bed, a sofa, a kitchen and a TV (he still lives there even now). He asked to sit down and tell him about my Wing Chun experience. Sīfú Ip Chun then told me that he knew my uncle. I was not surprised as they both had been under Great Grandmaster Ip Man 葉問. However, even though knew each other, they might not have practised together, this could be due to studying in different locations and different times, but I believed Sīfú Ip Chun and my Uncle were a similar age. Then Sīfú Ip Chun told me to demonstrate Síu Lihm Tào  to him.

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