Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 444

During the pandemic a lot of people suffered. I changed my class from in person to online and so I did not need to travel to teach, but at the same time, I could not see my Sīfú 師父 and my family like I could before.

Taai Sīgōng Ip Chun’s 葉準太師公 100th Birthday

Part 3

It was the same for Sīfú, he had to close his classes and this was his activity, the way for him to teach and to see other people. I did talk to him on the phone, but it was not always easy and he might not hear the phone or it was turned off.

Sīfú’s birthday dinner was fixed for the 2nd of September,and it was organised by the Ip Chun Wing Chun Academy. Sīfú’s eldest son, Ip Kwong Chiu 葉廣超 and the chairman Yim Chi Kin 嚴子健, and informed me of the details. My other Wing Chun brothers, Yim Chi Kin 嚴子健,Santo Ma 馬定光,Ho Kai 何基,Raymond Lo 盧德安,Kwok Tak Yin 郭德賢 had also told me about the dinner. So I organised everything with the Centre and booked by ticket to fly to Hong Kong and arranged to stay with my sister in Shatin.

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