Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 444

I feel so lucky to be able to study with my teacher, Sīfú 師父 Ip Chun 葉準. This is the story about how I came to study with him began in 1984 when I was a policeman.

Studying with Sīfú 師父

Part 1

One night I was working on Hong Kong MTR (mass transit railway). I was patrolling at the station keeping watch for any crime while waiting to receive a message from police control to help out with other problems, which could be things like disputes, pickpockets, assaults etc. During the shift there was always a scheduled break, and each station had a rest room where we would take our breaks. On my break I would usually have a cup of tea and read the newspaper. One day I saw an advertisement which said, “Ip Chun Wing Chun”, underneath it was a contact telephone number. On seeing this I was so excited! I was looking forward to carrying on my Wing Chun studies, and I had already checked out a few schools in the Kowloon area since my uncle, Tse Chui Hung 謝超鴻, how passed away. since then I had not had a chance to continue my studies And had not made-up my mind about joining under the school. now I had come across an advert in a newspaper for school where the Sīfú was Ip Chun, the eldest son of great grandmaster Ip Man 葉問! In traditional Chinese Kung Fu, the scale is always passed down inside the family and so Sīfú Ip Chun, in my mind, had to be the best!

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