Hard Qigong Level 1 – Part 2

We are very lucky to learn such a rare skill as is Hard Qigong and even more lucky to be taught these ancient skills by a talented teacher such as Grandmaster Tse (Sigong).

The seminar is well subscribed with a range of experience in participants from around the world. Some students have been studying various skills with the Centre for decades whilst others began just over a year ago. Some students have studied or completed Level 1 of Hard Qigong once or even twice before and are enthusiastic about refreshing and deepening their skills.

Hard Qigong is a powerful way to develop internal strength, energy and good health. It is so powerful that learning and practicing it requires significant discipline. If you’re not careful, you can accidentally use too much force in everyday activities.

Sigong gives us clear guidelines to follow for practice. At the heart of these rules is to teach us how to balance the strong energy Hard Qigong brings up – we need to make sure we have enough yin and not too much yang. This fundamental principle – being mindful of yin-yang balance underpins most of the rules for practice. We continued to cover these rules as part of the seminar lecture and Sigong was able to answer questions to clarify matters for students. Meditation at the end of practice is an absolute must and cannot be overlooked. I can really tell the difference in how meditation settles the powerful energy into a calm, powered-up core.

After polishing our breathing techniques in the breakout rooms, Sigong then taught the first three moves of Level 1. These combine movement with breathing techniques. It has been many years since I first learned them and had forgotten some details which I am grateful for being able to improve upon. I can already tell the difference in daily practice.

Thank you, Sigong for sharing these skills with us. I look forward to the rest of the sessions in the months to come!

– Kay White, Cambridge

Student Comments

Really enjoyed the Hard Qigong seminar,  it feels so good, cleansing and energising. Thank you Sifu. Peter A
Excellent hard Qigong seminar today! I really enjoyed doing the movements again and getting a taste of that very special hard Qigong energy feeling. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Great to be doing Hard Qigong – 3 family members together – the energy is really powerful!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
I really enjoy the way Hard Qigong makes me feel and it is wonderful to go through it again and polish. As an asthmatic this time of year can make my breathing a lot more difficult but  Hard Qigong, especially embracing the moon, really helps. Thank you Sigong for a great seminar. Nicci
The second part of Hard Qigong was really enjoyable, especially doing it together with the rest of the family. I can feel I’m getting back into the feeling of this very special energy. Thanks very much Sigong. Peter Hogg
I enjoyed  getting clarity & feedback on moves. I used to keep sinking knees slowly while Tiger pushing now I know. Thank you. Jennifer
Having not done any hard Qi Gong at all before it was very intense, especially the breathing exercises. Nonetheless I really enjoyed learning about it and have definitely felt the energy, even though it was still very small. Very much looking forward to the next session! TC
Full of energy after the great seminar. It was really nice to polish the breathing techniques and go through the moves. Thank you, Sifu! Saulius
This was an interesting Hard Qigong seminar looking again at the different breathing techniques, as well as the first few movements of the form. Very energising! Oliver.
Really great level 1 part 2 hard qigong seminar. So great to be out in the fresh air breathing properly after a bad cold. Really feel that my lungs have cleared out. Daniel
Great to be practising Hard Qigong again and polishing the movements. It’s amazing how you feel so refreshed and full of energy after practising just the first three exercises. Thank-you Sifu. 
Good to polish the first three movements of level 1 Hard Qigong as well as the breathings. Feel full of energy afterwards. Many thanks Sigong, Christine