Hard Qigong Level 1 – Part 5

The seminar started with a review of the rules of Hard Qigong. The newer students in particular and some of the older students were each asked to explain one of the rules associated with correct practice.

Taisigong used his questions to clarify understanding of the rules, for example explaining specific scenarios where it was important to control your temper like at work.

We then performed the level 1 warm up. Taisigong said it was very important for the body to be open and warmed up before engaging in hard qigong practice.

Taisigong then demonstrated the four basic breathing exercises for us and let us practice them with him and answered questions. We then separated out into breakout rooms to practice in small groups. Each group had an instructor already highly experienced with Level 1 Hard qigong. We are really refining this online approach to learning hard qigong and some students had managed to apply the “natural sound” setting to their zoom accounts to ensure that the full range of the sounds they were generating could be heard. The quality of the assistant instructors was very high and in my case the instructor was able to pick out that I was stopping at my chest and not breathing into my stomach.

Next Taisigong demonstrated the first three movements – Dragon Emerges from the sea, Blocking the Entrance and Embracing the moon. We then tried them ourselves and then he answered questions and highlighted lots of postural details associated with each movement. We then polished the movements with senior students in break out rooms again. The breakout rooms were pretty hectic with a lot of movement and noise going on and it really demonstrated the high level of the instructors in each breakout room as they were able to pull out a lot of individual details and give excellent feedback all in a very short space of time.

Taisigong then helped us refresh and polish the next thwo movements – Dragon twists with a Pole, Two swallows Play with Water. Each movement and breathing exercise we polished had particular nuances that Taisigong explained very clearly and was then refined by the instructors in the breakout rooms.

Taisigong then revised the last two movements we had learned previously – Imortal Does Meditation and the really exciting “Hurricane”.
Again the instructors in the breakout rooms further polished both of these with us.

Taisigong then taught two completely new movements – Demon enters the Sea and Whirling Carp separates Water. These were very exciting movements and Taisigong explained how in the past the Demon entering the sea exercise had been trained over a bowl of water to eventually make the water tremble from its power. The movements though unfamiliar were soon at least initially picked up by most students with the help of the wonderful instructors in the breakout rooms.

Finally to process all of the energy generated Taisigong led us through the two closing exercises – Drunken Python Crosses over the Mountain and Guan Yin Sits on Lotus. It is truely amazing that such a rare skill can be transmitted in such a well structured way via an online class. 

by Daniel Nwume

Student Comments

Really enjoyed all the feedback in the breakout rooms. Lene Hogg
Hard Qigong online learning is possible. We are all gradually adapting to its particular challenges. Sigong and group leaders are doing an excellent job of quick and helpful feedback. Looking forward to the road to 1 December! Thanks, Sigong! Kay
Great Hard Qigong seminar today! I always feel super energised after these sessions. Looking forward to next time. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
I enjoyed this fifth part of the Hard Qigong lecture series. There were plenty of really useful tips in the breakout rooms on how to improve the movements and the breathing. Thanks to the seniors for all their help. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
I am really enjoying training this form again and noticing the benefit more and more. It is wonderful to feel the clarity and brightness that it brings as we progress. Also to have the connection to our qigong family around the world. Helen
I always feel energised after practicing hard qigong. It’s fantastic going over the movements and picking up extra details each time, thanks to Sigong’s advice and demonstrations, as well as guidance from polishers in the smaller groups. Thank you for another wonderful seminar. Oliver.
What a joy it is to be able to  refresh this skill and learn more each time. I love the way Hard Qigong makes me feel and it is so good to be able to practice and polish together. Thank you Sigong. Nicci
Thank you Sigong, and all the group leaders, for the next fascinating instalment of Hard Qigong. Really starting to feel and understand the different energies in the breathing. Can’t wait for the next part. Conor
Hard Qigong is an amazing skill, always feel so alive after training. Thank you so much for sharing it with us Sifu. Peter Anderson
Thank you Sigong for another enjoyable and inspiring seminar. Jo
Hard qigong comment: Another hugely enjoyable hard qigong seminar. This is such an amazing skill, and every seminar brings new detail and improved understanding. Thank you so much Tai Sigong and to everyone who helped with comments and advice in the breakout rooms. Sarah Stuart
Sigong – Thank you for another great Hard Qigong seminar today. Your explanation and demonstration of these powerful movements was clear and concise (as always). It’s also very good that we review the strict rules for practicing these strong movements. I’m looking forward the continuing with the second half of the movements in this level.
Thank you Sigong! – Chris
We are now more than half way through the movements, so it is good to see them all again and checking some of the details. The new sound setting in Zoom explained by Siba Darryl works well, can hear and feel Sigong’s power in the demonstrations! Can also hear better everyone in the breakout rooms. Many thanks. Christine