Hard Qigong Level 1 Pt1

This was the first seminar to teach Hard Qigong (HQ) after Covid hit the world. HQ is a very special skill and so it has been sorely missed by many students of the Tse Centre.

Of the five skills that the Centre teaches HQ is the one most shrouded in mystery. GM Tse says that it is not for everyone – but if you want to go deeper and really see what your body is capable of then this is the way.

GM Tse started the seminar with a lecture on the differences between hard and soft styles of Qigong. He explained that soft qigong is for good health, healing and spiritual development like opening the sky eye. HQ on the other hand will make you super healthy. It will make your body able to withstand strikes and blows and make you very physically strong. HQ trains the external and internal together – strengthening the tendons, bones and skin while also developing Jing, Qi and Shen.

HQ also has its dangers. This is no wonder, considering how powerful it is. GM Tse emphasised that we must develop step by step and slowly build the repetitions and gradually increase the intensity, all the while listening to our bodies. There is also a long set of rules for how to practice and what to avoid. These rules apply when preparing for the HQ test as this is an intense daily practice for 100 days. As such, any little imbalance can be multiplied greatly, or you can end up wasting your practice by leaking Qi in various ways.

After the lecture GM Tse began by demonstrating two movements that need to be done after practicing. These are needed to cool down and settle the energy. Without these exercises, your energy will dissipate out of the body or you run the risk of creating too much fire – negatively affecting your emotions and energetic balance. With these exercises in place as safeguards, we were ready to begin learning the special breathing techniques that make up the heart of HQ practice. These techniques are very powerful, even without doing any movements, and work to gather or move Qi in various ways.

At the end of the seminar most people felt hot and buzzing. There was also a lot of excitement about finally getting started again and for first-timers the allure of having a taste of something new and secretive. Now we can all look forward to the next seminar and in the meantime work to polish and develop all that we have learnt.

by Paul Hogg

Student Comments

It’s great to get back into Hard Qigong again! I feel full of energy and grounded. Looking forward to more regular practice of this again. Just need to remind the neighbours that everything is ok as they were concerned about the noise! Thanks Sigong and everyone! -Kay
So good to get back to the hard Qigong with the group. Thank you for clarity around the breathing and final movements. Looking forward to next time already. Now to practice getting to sleep 🙂 – Jennifer Leaf
Thanks Sigong for offering the opportunity to study and polish the hard qigong skill.  Lovely to hear from your experience Sitai.  And great to connect with everyone too.  Looking forward to next time. Matt L
Thank you Sigong for todays Hard Qigong seminar, it is really lovely to be able to work together on the different breathing and start to bring that hard qigong energy back up. Really looking forward to the next seminar already. Nicci
Amazing to be doing Hard Qigong again. Just doing the breathing still gives you a taste of the power. Looking forward to more next time. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
It’s great to get back to Hard Qigong and become reacquainted with the four types of breathing and the two ending exercises. Also pleased with the comments and tips from the seniors in the breakout rooms.  I’m looking forward to next time. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
A very enjoyable seminar that has helped me understand the special breathing component of Hard Qigong. Looking forward to the next one! Oliver
Really great to get back into hard qigong again. It sounds like a cliche but it really has been something missing in last few years while I have not been practicing this. It has a real ability to cut through things and bring things to a conclusion.  Daniel
Great to go over the foundation of the amazing Hard Qigong again. Such a wonderful skill. Thank you for sharing it with us Sifu. Peter A.
It is great to be able to train this skill again, thank you Tai Sigong for making it available and the senior s for their coaching. I am looking forward to the rest of the teaching and health benefits. Helen
It is really good to start Hard Qigong again. I found it very useful to look at the breathing and better understand the energy and theory of this great skill. Thank you Sifu!
Great to polish again the Hard Qigong, every time I pick up something I had not seen before. Having done the breathing exercises quite a bit this afternoon, I have the hard qigong feeling already! It is a hard but rewarding journey that we started. Many thanks Sigong for this very special skill. Christine