Hard Qigong Level 1 Pt3

It was amazing to do the third installment of Hard Qigong today. I am sure we had all been looking forward to it for a long time as this is a really special skill that makes you feel full of energy and very powerful.
For some people it is the first time they are doing level one and for others it is the second or even the third or more. That people keep coming back to learn again and get more details shows how special it is

We started today with a lecture on the rules. The rules are important as we need guidelines when working with such a powerful skill. We need to protect ourselves and others while we practice so there is no damage. Part of this means we must build up power slowly and always remember to meditate at the end to calm down and let the Qi settle. 

We then practiced the breathing techniques that are the basis of the movements and then repeated the movements learned previously. All the group leaders gave good pointers and answered many questions. At the end GM Tse taught two new movements, so 11 more to go. It will be hard to wait until next year to continue learning more. 
Thank you so much for sharing this unique skill with us, Sigong! 
by Tom Hogg

Student Comments

I enjoyed being able to see TaiSigong demonstrate the movements again to help cement movements in my mind. I also appreciated learning from everyone and their good questions. Thank you. – Jennifer L
I wanted to thank Sifu for the phenomenal hard qigong seminar! His expertise and guidance made each session a truly enlightening experience.
Alex K
Thank you for a very interesting and challenging three sessions. Plus very enjoyable. Jo
A really great Hard qigong level 1 part 3 seminar.
I can already feel my body keep inf up. It is so nice to be able to breath in and release in such an unfettered way. The quality of the instruction in the break out rooms was wonderful with many excellent tips given. Thank you Taisigong. Daniel
I would like to thank Sifu first and foremost for opening up this skill in an online seminar format, as I have wanted to learn Hard Qigong for a long time but didn’t have the right opportunities in the past. Having missed the previous two seminars, I thought I would struggle a bit. However under Sifu’s expert tuition and the help of the seniors, the guidance during the breathing and movements were made very clear. It is also apparent to me as to how powerful this practice is, as I can feel how warm my body is and the chi in my hands. This was a fantastic start to my day and I can’t wait till next year to learn more. Andrew O
Very enjoyable and powerful. Interesting how  the feeling keeps evolving the longer you practise.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
The new movements are a bit confusing but the other ones are starting to feel better.
Thank you Sigong
Lene Hogg
 I’m glad to be getting back on track with hard qigong. This third part helped some chest problems I’ve  had recently. Very powerful energy. I feel great! Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Thank you once again, Sigong, for another brilliant seminar developing our hard qigong skill. I love learning the movements in detail and experiencing the strong energy. Feeling great! Oliver.
I am thoroughly enjoying learning Hard Qigong through these seminars, and find it so invigorating and powerful. This is an amazing skill and I can’t wait to learn more! Thank you Sigong for teaching this. Alan Skada
Great to review the movements and rules for Hard Qigong. There’s always a nuance to pick up on each time. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay
Thanks for a great seminar Sigong.  I’m enjoying revisiting the hard qigong and polishing with you and the other students.  Matt
Great to get into the details of Hard Qigong,  really enjoying these seminars  thank you Sifu. Peter A.
Hard Qigong is an amazing skill that gives so much energy. Really liked the explanation of the movements. Very useful to fully understand them. Looking forward to next year. Thank you, Sifu!
Picked up some more details on the Hard Qigong Level 1 part 3 seminar. I feel so incredibly well after having practiced the movements. Thank you so much Sigong. Christine