Hard Qigong Level 1 – Pt8

We started the seminar with the question section. I found it very useful as Grandmaster Tse clarified some very important points about the rules we need to follow when training for the test.

Hard Qigong Level1 is really an amazing skill and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to study it. We started the seminar with the question section. I found it very useful as Grandmaster Tse clarified some very important points about the rules we need to follow when training for the test.
After covering the questions we transitioned to the breathing techniques. Breathing in this form is powerful and not something we are used to, so it is good to practice it to make sure our breathing is correct during the moves.
We then moved on to going through all the previous moves we’ve been taught so far. Grandmaster Tse demonstrated the moves, then the students did the moves themselves, followed by asking questions and polishing in the break-out rooms. Polishing part is very important because we can go through the moves in smaller groups, get corrections from the group leaders and ask more questions. We learned one new move during this seminar, so we are now getting really close to learning the whole form.
The seminar ended with meditation, which helped settle the Qi after such a powerful practice. After the seminar, I, and I’m sure most other students felt healthier, energised and in a very good mood. Really looking forward to the next part.
Thank you Grandmaster Tse and the group leaders for sharing your knowledge and making all of us better!

Student Comments

Great polishing from Sigong and all the seniors in breakout rooms. Also liking the plan to start with the new moves next time. Will be great to have learned the full set of level 1. Thanks, all! – Kay
Appreciate the opportunity to pick up more and more detail. I have to work more on Arhan Worships Buddha – not yet able to put together with any flow, but enjoying the challenge and the power/energy feeing derived from the movements. Thank you TaiSigong and room leaders – so good seeing and getting feedback. Jennifer L
I always feel good after a session of hard Qigong! A big thanks to all the group leaders for their valuable pointers. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.
Great help in the breakout rooms. The hardest mistakes to spot are your own!
I’m really getting into the feeling of the movements now.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
A really useful seminar revisiting the many movements we have learned. I’m so appreciative for the opportunity to learn this amazing skill, a privilege I will never take for granted. Oliver.
Through this series of seminars I am really appreciating the pacing and noticing the progressive development of my energy.  There is always something new to learn about how to move with more clarity and precision. This is such an amazing and valuable skill thank you Tai Sigong for passing it on in such a considered and accessible way. Helen
Feeling energised! Exciting to be this close to the end of the movements. Lots of good advice from the group leaders. Thank you Sigong, Lene Hogg
A really enjoyable seminar, good to have the opportunity to polish previous moves as well as learn another new one. Feeling great after 2h of practice! Sarah
I’m feeling full of energy now after the Hard Qigong seminar. The many questions are good for corroborating what I thought I should be doing, or helping me in correcting what I was doing wrong. Thanks to the seniors for sharing their insights and observations – it’s very much appreciated. Looking forward to next time! Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg
Thanks Sigong I am enjoying Hard Qigong more and more. The breakout rooms were tremendously helpful. Jo
The energy feels stronger now and also the movements feel better. Thank you to all senior students for help and guidance. Thank you Sifu for this powerful skill!
Good to polish the Hard Qigong movements, and learning a lot from everyone questions. Thank you Sigong for making this special skill accessible to all of us. Christine