Hard Qigong Level 1 – Part 4

We have all been looking forward to continuing studying Hard Qigong Level 1. The seminar was started by going through the rules and GM Tse explaining and refining their meaning.

Hard Qigong is such a powerful skill and rules have to be followed to avoid damaging ourselves and negatively affecting others. It is helpful to be reminded to progress slowly and prioritise quality over quantity.

We then moved on to refining the breathing techniques. People still have quite a few questions about breathing and it is very helpful to cover the details.
GM Tse continued by going through the moves covered in the previous seminars and then the polishing continued in the break-out rooms with group leaders. It was very helpful to see GM Tse’s demonstrations and to get answers to the questions people have when they practice on their own. During polishing sessions with group leaders we continued to refine our skills and covered even more details.

We learned two new moves and got many great tips to help us practice until the next seminar. The seminar ended with meditation to help settle Qi and calm our minds.

Thank you Sifu once more for sharing such an amazing skill with us!

by Saulius Grusnys

Student Comments

Really love learning hard qigong. Very different. Very powerful. Lots to learn and much to practice to get it right. Thank you for sharing this skill Sigong. Jennifer Grinold
Great to revisit these first moves and pick up on nuances hadn’t realised before from Sigong and breakout room leaders. Movements and breathing feels clearer. Thanks, everyone! -Kay
Hard Qigong is a really fascinating skill, it feels so good. Thank you for sharing this amazing skill with us Sifu Peter A
Feeling good 😊. Thank you TaiSigong for finer tips (the mic works well) & helpful feedback from Sigong & Nicci. Jennifer Leaf
It was great to continue with Hard Qigong today! I always impressed by how much the group leaders can pick up in our movements even through zoom. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg
I wanted to thank Sifu for another amazing hard qigong seminar. I really appreciated the new knowledge and detail. Also great to see everyone sharing this experience.
Alex K
So happy to be doing the Hard Qigong again. The exercises are really invigorating, making you warm and feeling full of energy. Thank-you Sifu. 
Today’s Hard Qigong seminar just seemed to fly by. I’m enjoying getting back into this skill, especially here in the wintertime when the extra energy really helps. Thank you Sigong and Sitai, as well as all the seniors for your help. Peter Hogg
Thank you to Sigong and the polishers for help with demonstrations, feedback and response to questions in today’s seminar. The Hard Qigong movements are so enjoyable and always leave me positively refreshed. Oliver.
Good to be back with Hard Qigong in the new year.
Adding on small details every time – making the whole picture clearer.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
Really nice to feel the energy. Thank you Sigong. Lene Hogg
Thank you, Sigong for sharing more of the Hard Qigong skill with us. Another very enjoyable and interesting seminar. Until next time. Conor
Great seminar to be able to go through the techniques in more detail and ask questions so we can improve and understand the right energy and breathing for the movements. Thank you Sifu and all senior students for your help!
Good to be clearer on the details of the movements, learnt a lot from everyone questions! Many thanks Sigong. Christine