Nine Colour Qi Ball – Pt 12

Many of the students for today’s Nine Colours Rotating Qi Ball seminar were inside hiding from the rain with a lucky few able to be outside, however this form does not need too large a space to practice.

The lecture started with the cycle of life: we are born, grow up, mature, weaken and die.  Illness can come at any point in this cycle as nature tests both humans and all living things all the time.  Life is a test and moaning and complaining does not help.  Having more Qi will mean that you can deal with illness more easily so you can recover more quickly and it will not affect you so badly.

Healing has three parts to it starting with Rest, if you are ill it is better to rest first rather than using energy.  Second, Practice some Qigong to build up your energy and third is Strength – to be strong we need to do experience many different things, eat different foods, touch many hands in Kung Fu, even tasting a small amount of something your body doesn’t like will help strengthen you.  Health is two things: physical and mental.

Grandmaster Tse then taught us some eye exercises which are very interesting, moving the eyes in a circle, stimulating the area around the eyes on the bone and also tapping and pressing the eyes, I am looking forward to doing eye qigong as working on a computer certainly seems to affect my eyes negatively. 

Polishing what we have learnt of the form so far was great and reminded me of how powerful the form is particularly the early part on the Dantian and it is a very good form to help with co-ordination.  Sifu helped clarify the last eight steps and I imagine the next seminar will be tricky for my brain as well!

The moral from the story today was essentially “Do what you say you will do”, honesty and integrity will be rewarded.

Thank you so much Sifu.

by Vanessa Backus

Student Comments

9 Colour Qi Ball pt 12 put me back on track to having a clearer and better form. You feel the heat as you continue through the form, testing yourself with each movement and moving through the previous struggle sort of untangling yourself and makes you feel good, I also loved the lecture on the self healing especially about the eyes, because I wear glasses, it is of a great help to me thank Sigong for another excellent Seminar, Earl


I can feel my head tingling now at the end of the form and I feel warm inside n my hands have warmed up too. At the beginning I didn’t feel anything but Sigong had said that if you don’t feel anything that we should relax more which I did n can now happily feel the benefits – tho am going to have to practice a “bit” more to see the colours. Thank you Sigong for holding on to these forms for us. Sue.


Informative lecture on Qigong and healing ourselves. Great with some exercises for the eyes. Inspiring story about integrity and loyalty.

I always feel nice, warm and ‘unblocked’ after training this form.

Thank you Sigong. Paul Hogg


What a fascinating form! It challenges the coordinating abilities to their utmost. 

The lecture on eye exercises and healing was very helpful. Thank you, Sifu.

A bigger challenge this evening, plenty to work till next time. Thanks to Sifu and to all. Jane


Great lecture on health, life ,balance and healing. Beautiful form that continues to challenge me. I need more practise. Thank you Sifu and all who helped me. I look forward to the next seminar. Peadar


I very much enjoyed the lecture and the more understanding of how to practice and think about Qigong. The form is becoming easier and I find it easier to understand all the intricate movements. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to next seminar!



A lot of things to think about in today s lecture about natural cycles, healing  and improving oneself. As usual, I enjoyed the story very much, a really important lesson to us all. Still plenty to work to do on the 9 colour Qi ball form, but am gradually finding the coordination required becoming easier.  Thank you Sigong. Sam