Nine Colour Qi Ball – pt11

There is great concentration required, one must be completely focused to do it right.

When our energy is good, we are stronger and more capable of handling problems. As we age, weaker parts may develop, it is then that our reserves of energy are called upon to tackle any problems. Today Sifu reminded us that good health is the purpose of our Qigong practise. One of the principles of qigong practise is to connect with the acupuncture points.  It is important to be aware of the location and benefits of stimulating these points. Sifu asked those participating in the seminar to name an acupuncture point and give the benefit of that point. We do not need to know all the points. A knowledge of the main points and to be aware of these points as we practise is very helpful. As doors and windows allow air to enter and leave a house, these acupuncture points act in a similar way and allow the inflow and outflow of energy into the body. We want to prevent energy from stagnating so stimulation of these points through movement and massage is very important.

It’s a while since we had the last seminar so it was great to revise and polish the early parts of the form. The form tests the brain and certainly creates good circulation. There is great concentration required, one must be completely focused to do it right. Thank you Sifu for your patience and passing on this skill.

The moral of todays story is that “no one has all the answers”. A good foundation is essential for all our learning.  One never stops learning.

by Peadar Hanratty

Student Comments

Good night! Great start to 2024. Loved the story of Sifu & Todai & the circles. The coordination is challenging, but I find if I don’t stress about learning it – it comes (slowly) and I can do it.😊- Jennifer


I really enjoyed the feeling of Qi flowing this morning from head to feet and the practice with great people, although it is challenging on the brain it’s great for the body as well thank you Sifu for another great seminar ! Jonny


Good to be back with this form after the new year. Movements seem to get the qi out to every little cranny of the body. Feeling warm and relaxed now. Thank you Sigong. Paul Hogg


Great to start 2024 with 9 colour qi ball seminar, a review of the acupuncture points and what each helps with and polishing the form up to the eighth bagua step. It’s always great to see everyone. Thanks again, Sigong! -Kay


Enjoyed 9 Colour Qi Ball and that the moves are getting a little more familiar.  As always I can feel my brain being challenged with the co-ordination of arms and legs which is so good.  Many thanks Sifu.  Vanessa


Starting this year’s seminars with 9 colour Qi ball was perfect. It’s a lovely feeling once you get over any “bumps” and the form starts flowing. Also starting the year with questions gets all the other parts of the brain moving too. Thank you Sigong. Sam


It was really good to go through 9 Colour Qi Ball today to make the stepping better and I really enjoyed the  test of our knowledge about acupuncture points and their connection to organs. Looking forward to improve every time and understand more. Thank you Sifu! -Radu