Nine Colour Qi Ball – Pt9

I have been looking forward to the next seminar of 9 Colour Rotating Qi Ball as the stepping and the energy behind the movements were quite tricky so it is very useful to see and understand again.
As we started, Sifu described the connection between numbers and the body, also our practice and how one relates to the other. I knew some of these connections but not all so it was very useful to listen and understand how the numbers are connected. Also, Sifu continued the story from last time, of the young man who got lost in a storm and ended up in a very unusual country. I really like the story as it has to do a lot with perception and consensus, of what is good and what is bad, a very important lesson in today’s fragmented world.
After a break, we started the form. The first part was easy to remember as I recall it from before when I first started it and now reinforced by the corrections and understanding the details. It was very good to go through it again and to see the demonstration so I can better understand the energy of the movements as well.
Then we split up into groups to work on the first part and, afterwards, on the second and third parts. Separating it into 2 Qi Balls at a time is very useful as it helps to understand each one a bit better and the order of them as well. This is one aspect of 9 Colour Qi Ball that I like and also find challenging: the complex and unusual nature of the movements.
With the first 5 Qi Balls complete, it was time to start looking at the 6th one. This was quite tricky but it made complete sense once Sifu described it. This is another curious aspect of the form, it seems as if some parts are very unusual yet when you look and compare to other Dayan Qigong movements you can find that it is the same movement but one aspect changed. This was very satisfying to understand because I can now see some connections that I had not seen before.
The seminar was very enjoyable and I found it very useful to go through the form again and to better comprehend the energy of the movements and the sequence so far. Thank you, Sifu! Really looking forward to the next part.
by Radu Hurmuz

Student Comments

Thank you Sifu for a very enjoyable seminar. I needed that polishing as I had dropped the practice of the form. New part is a great challenge. Thanks again. Peadar

I enjoyed today’s seminar. Actually, my backwards step needs some time to settle and work on, thoroughly enjoy it, thank you, Sigong.  Earl

I really enjoyed being back on a seminar as it feels like ages since the last time.

I have picked up some more info that I hadn’t spotted before and the breakout rooms are good to discuss the form and work out any questions we may have that we can ask Sigong. The Six Colours, Middle Dantien Qi Ball has certainly got me thinking and my head is tingling when I do this part and am looking forward to practicing it more.

The story has got me guessing and I’m wondering if the moral will turn out to be ‘You can’t  judge a book by its cover ‘ meaning that sometimes we might have a wrong opinion because we have judged something without really knowing! Anyway I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.

Thank you as always Sigong. Sue

Great seeing how the numbers all fit together & once technology played ball- the Qi balls started to flow & imprint on my mind – just need to keep practicing so the xing & ming coordinate. Very enjoyable – thank you TaiSigong, my playmates, & those that asked questions 😊🙏

Thanks everyone and Sigong for enjoyable session ! Gradually it flows with more clarity! Great to be with everyone.  Cynthia

The intricate movements of nine colours rotating qi ball form keep all my brain cells active and guessing, not to mention arms and legs. Brilliant for coordination and not without some humorous moments!

Thank you for a very stimulating seminar today, Sifu. Vera

Sigong’s lecture today helped  deepen our understanding of the different numbers and connections being made in this form’s baguas.  Thank you, Sigong! -Kay

Interesting lecture on the energy and meaning of different numbers – both in qigong practive and in daily life.

Lovely to practice these circling movements for an hour – I feel warm and full of energy.

Thank you Sigong. Paul Hogg

Ooh, a bit more tricky for the brain. That will keep us busy till November. Thanks Sifu,  Jane

The most challenging forms give us the best feeling as you always say Sifu! Really enjoying this form Thanks for another great seminar! Jonny