Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 401

The three Hún 三魂 are the spirit of our body and if our Qì 氣 is strong all three will be in good condition.

Three Hún 三魂

Part 5

If our Qì is not good, then the Hún will not be good and will be in bad condition. The first Hún, Tāi Guāng 胎光 – Embryo Light is the Yáng 陽 Qì, the Tiān Hún 天魂 – Heaven Hún, its role is to give us a good heart and spirit. When we die it goes up to heaven and this why it is the Heaven Hún. If the Tāi Guāng is not strong, then we will think negative thoughts and not do the right thing. The second Hún, Shuǎng Líng 爽靈 – Fast Spirit, its role is to governs emotions, wisdom and talent.  If it is strong, then we will be in stable position, wiser, see things clearly, know how to deal with things and not easily influenced or effected by others. When it is weak, we will be emotional and mentally unstable and not see things clearly. When we die this Hún will be reincarnated or if there is a problem, it will stay with the body. The third Hún is Yōu Jīng 幽精 – Ghost Jing, this relates to our dark side, our sex life and dreams. This needs to be controlled and when it is good, we can have a good sex life, sleep well and not become addicted to things easily. When we die it stays in the grave or with the ashes of the body

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