Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 402

Our spirit or soul can be described by the Three Hún 三魂, Tāi Guāng 胎光 - Embryo Light, Shuǎng Líng 爽靈 - Fast Spirit and Yōu Jīng 幽精 – Ghost Jing.

Seven Pò 七魄

Part 2

The Hún are related to our sprit or soul. The Qī Pò 七魄 – Seven Pò, are related to our physical body. The Seven Pò are, Shī Gǒu 屍狗 – Corpse Dog, Fú Shǐ 伏矢 – Hidden Arrow, Qiǎo Yīn 雀陰 – Sparrow Yin, Tūn Zéi 吞賊 – Swallow Thieves, Fēi Dú 非毒 – Removing Poison, Chú Huì 除穢 – Eliminating Dirt and Xiù Fèi 臭肺 – Smelling Lungs.

Shī Gǒu Pò 屍狗魄

Shī 屍 means corpse and Gǒu 狗 means dog so Corpse Dog. What does this mean? We know corpse is dead and a dog is alert. Shī Gǒu Pò屍狗魄 is for awareness and to know things in the area around us, in the same way a dog will know when someone is coming, if you know this person and whether they are friendly or want to harm you. Even when we are asleep we will wake up at the time we want, even without an alarm. If our Shī Gǒu is weak or has a problem, then we will not know about the things around us, and so we will oversleep or not be able to sleep like a corpse. So, Shī Gǒu Pò means we are alert like a dog.

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