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In Chinese Daoist history there is one famous Daoist who lived in the Táng Dynasty 唐朝, his name was Lǚ Yán 呂嚴. His other name or Zì 字 - other name, was Dòng Bīn, so throughout history he has been called Lǚ Dòng Bīn 呂洞賓.

Daoist Lǚ Dòng Bīn 呂洞賓

Part 1

He lived from 766 to 1016. His Daoist skill was so high he reached the level Shén Xiān 神仙, which in the west we would call an immortal, he actually might not die and he is one of the Eight Immortals Ba Xiao 八仙. His Daoist name is Chun Yang Zi 純陽子– Master Pure Yang, people also called him Lu Zu – Ancestor Lu. His Sīfú 師父 – Master, was Zhōng Lí Quán 鐘離權.

One day, in Cháng Ān 長安, Lǚ Yán went to a restaurant for a drink. He had just failed the imperial examinations. In the past, in China, many people would take the imperial examinations as if the passed they would earn a title and a position. There were different levels of exam. The first was village and if they passed this then the next was city level, then provincial level and finally national level. If they passed the national level, they would be given a position in the government. They would become a government official and serve the Emperor, the country and take care of the citizens. This was a very high honour. However, Lǚ Yán failed his examination that was one of his many times and so went to drink away his sadness.

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