Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 408

Whilst he was drinking his wine Lǚ Dòng Bīn 呂洞賓 noticed there was a man looking at him. The man was dressed in a blue robe, he was a little fat and you could see his chest and belly. His head was round and mostly bald, but he had a little bit of hair either side of it.

Daoist Lǚ Dòng Bīn 呂洞賓

Part 2

Lǚ Dòng Bīn could see that this man was not ordinary, but special. The spirit in his eyes was so strong and he could almost see light around him.

The man then started to recite a poem,

“Zuò Wò Cháng Jiāng Jiǔ Yī Hú, Bù Jiào Shuāng Yǎnkàn Dōngdū. Qiánkūn Shìjiè Wúmíng Xìng, Shūsàn Rénjiān Dàzhàngfū 坐卧常將酒一壺,不教雙眼看東都。乾坤世界無名姓,疏散人間大丈夫。”

“No matter sitting or lying down, there is always a bottle of wine nearby. The eyes never look to the East Capital (the East Capital was Luòyáng 洛阳 in the Táng Dynasty 唐朝 and this is where people went to take the imperial exams). Qiánkūn Shìjiè 乾坤世界 – Qiánkūn World (Shénxiān Shìjiè 神仙世界 – Immortal World) has no name (cannot be described). Let go of everything in the human world and become a true hero.”

It looked like the man was telling Lǚ Dòng Bīn to let go of the imperial examinations to find the Shénxiān World and become a true hero. Lǚ Dòng Bīn thought to himself, “Yes, that is for me.”

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