Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 409

Lǚ Yán 呂嚴 heard the poem and felt it was so right for him. He said from his heart, “That’s good!

Daoist Lǚ Dòng Bīn 呂洞賓

Part 3

“What a sentence –. 疏散人間大丈夫 Shūsàn Rénjiān Dàzhàngfū – let go of everything in the human world and become a true hero.”

The fat man looked at Lǚ Yán and said, “Mr, you like my poem? We must have something in common. May I ask you name?” Lǚ Yán told him his name and the fat man continued,” You don’t look so happy. Is there something bothering you?” Lǚ Yán needed to release his upset, plus it was a perfect situation as the fat man seemed to understand him, and they were drinking wine, so Lǚ Yán began to tell the fat man of his troubles. He told him how he had failed the imperial exams and not for the first time. He told him he was now worried about his future. The fat man said, “Maybe I can help you.” Lǚ Yán was surprised to hear this. Perhaps the fat man was a official and could help his pass the exams, but he did not look like a government official, he looked more like an educated homeless man. The fat man said, “My name is Zhōng Lí Quán 鐘離權 (168 – 256).

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