Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 260

When we begin to practise the circle, we need to start with a very obvious circle, and this is a big circle. Why is this?

Big Circle to Small Circle to No Circle

Part 2

This is because a big circle is easy make with your arm, it is much easier than a small circle. Some people might disagree and argue that it’s not so difficult to make a small circle even if you make a small circle with your finger. Of course, everyone can make a circle, but we need to make the circle which comes from the Dāntián 丹田, from the inside, and this is not easy. We need to move from the waist and synchronise with the waist as a circle goes out. The waist turns the circle to the side, like when the right hand is making a clockwise circle, so the waist turns to the right and the right hand circles up to the right, the circle goes down, and the waist will go left, then repeat it as before. Doing it like this just takes a little time to master it. Then we need to do a clockwise circle with both hands and in many different directions together with footwork going left, right, forwards and backwards, and even jumping. So, it is better to start with the big circle and being stationary encircling in one direction and then we move to many different directions.

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Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 262

Whatever we decide to do, we need to put our heart into it. Heart is Xīn 心 and without it we cannot achieve anything. Heart tells us what we want. If you want to be healthy, the first thing we need the heart to do it. When you meet someone who you like, if you want to become friends, you must put your heart into it.

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