Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 262

Whatever we decide to do, we need to put our heart into it. Heart is Xīn 心 and without it we cannot achieve anything. Heart tells us what we want. If you want to be healthy, the first thing we need the heart to do it. When you meet someone who you like, if you want to become friends, you must put your heart into it.

Heart, Focus, Qì and Spirit

Part 1

If we want our Tàijíquán 太極拳 to be good, then we need to put our heart into it. Then we can practice everyday and this is Yì 意 – Mind. Mind is our thinking. Whenever we think and put all our mind and energy into it, this is focus, so Yì is also focus. So, when we want to do something, we need to put our heart into it, then we need to act on it, and this is mind, mind is focus. When we can focus on something, then we can get better at it. Just like when we want to be good at Tàijíquán, we need the heart to do it, then we need to do something about it and this is mind. The more we do, the easier it is to focus, and in the end, the skill becomes part of us. So, Xīn and Yì are heart and focus and this is how we do things. Then the Qì 氣 – Energy, will come along and Xīn and Yì become normal.

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