Grandmaster Tse’s Tàijí Fist 263

Qì 氣 is everything. All living things need Qì, humans, animals, trees and plants, even mountains and rivers need Qì, without Qì things are dead.

Heart, Focus, Qì and Spirit

Part 2

Qì is energy, feeling, power, vitality etc. we all have Qì, the question is, is it good enough? Qì can be low or imbalanced, it can also turn negative, like illness or rotten food. When our Qì is not good, then we will not feel good, but we can change it, improve it and get more Qì. This comes from our Xīn 心 – Heart, Yì 意 – Focus, from our thinking and action, then the Qì will develop. It is just like practising Tàijíquán 太極拳, if we think about it and practice regularly, then the Qì will develop and we will be healthier, look better and anything we do will be easier and flow. You can say, the Qì is the result. For example, one day you work is smooth, your cooking tastes good, you find studying goes well and you understand everything, all this happens because your Qì is strong. When we practise our form and get to the end, we will feel good, better than at the start and the Qì flows through the body. When the Qì is strong the next thing to develop is Shén 神 – Sprit

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