White Crane Sword Part 12

It was an early morning start for the 2nd White Crane Sword seminar of 2023, beginning with the Level 1 warm-up routine to get everyone energised and ready to continue learning this dynamic and graceful form.

These seminars are slightly different in that the whole 2 hours are dedicated to practising the form, so after the warm-up we were straight into the first section, following Sifu as we try and replicate his flowing moves and effortless circling of the tassel. Like any form, it takes patience and practise to achieve a high level of skill, but this is even more so with the White Crane Sword because the tassel adds another level of difficulty. In the beginning its very hard to control the tassel, and it often becomes tangled up, but as we practise and become more familiar with the movements the tassel begins to move in harmony with the sword. This is one of the reasons why we need the regular repetition of practising together and the opportunity to ask questions. In this respect Sifu is very patient, answering all the questions in detail and repeating the moves to ensure that everybody understands.

The sword form is obviously challenging, both mentally and physically, but it is also very rewarding and the format of working on small sections of the form at a time before moving on to the next really helps to consolidate our learning and improve the flow and balance of our movements.

Having learnt the next set of movements, we must now continue practising whilst at the same time eagerly awaiting the next seminar.

by Rick Charles

Student Comments

We’re definitely benefitting from the longer sessions with chances to work it out in our groups. There is always more to see as we become clearer, even in the relatively simpler parts! I really enjoy morning white crane work. Thanks Sigong! Lee B

White Crane Sword feels like the Chun Yuen Quan version of Enlightenment Gong. A challenging and long form, but once the movement and tassel are flowing- it’s really enjoyable. Needs a lot of practice! Thanks Sigong, Siba, Sifu and Christine! -Kay

Nice new bit with the tassel hitting the waist and invaluable information about how to grab the hilt when spinning the tassel over the head.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

The new part today was great, picked up lots of details and now am a lot clearer on how it should be done. Was also great to spend more time polishing the earlier sections, always pick up something new! Thank you Sigong. Christine

Body and mind work in the morning is always good for the rest of the day. Your mind unlocks, and your body opens, I thoroughly enjoyed this mornings seminar. Thank you, Sigong and leaders, for giving me great direction and help on this road, though it may be long, it is very enjoyable, earl

It is great to have the time to go over all details in White Crane Sword. I enjoyed the new part and am looking forward to understand the form more and more. Thank you Sifu!