White Crane Sword Part 14

This was another morning to challenge yourself, the sword, the tassell and you, can you harmonise the three?

The answer is yes, with constant practice. If you keep up a practice of any of the forms you find you will improve, and the next best thing is asking questions when you are stuck, do not be afraid to ask the question or you will not be able to feel comfortable with the movements, with this comes confidence and growth, I can now speak from experience in myself through practice. Sigong always asks if you have any questions. His experience speaks volumes and he pours down that information to us and helps to look at ourselves through different ways, I know I am developing because my movements are clearer and I move more comfortably with what I have learnt. Am I saying I know this form? I would say no, Sigong says there is always room for improvement in ourselves, if we focus on the challenges ahead we will benefit and help ourselves and the students to have good health and awareness, coordination and flexibility and not to give up easily, this is not an easy skill to develop, but i am glad to have the guidance of my Sigong, Sifu, Siba, and seniors and classmates on this ride because it will be full of ups and downs, just like life. Challenge It Thank you Sigong.

Student Comments

I am starting to smooth some of the nasty grinding halts out of my tassel which is probably going to make my green dragon much better as well! It’s all connected… Thanks Sigong!
Lee B

Great with some White Crane to start the day. If I can wrap my head around that then the rest of the day should be fairly smooth!
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Thanks Sigong for the White Crane Sword seminar this morning. It is a great form and I know I will eventually understand it as each time some more become clear. Nicci

The movements are getting better and I can understand the details as well more and more. The most important I find to be the energy in the movements as this helps a lot. Thank you Sifu!

It’s helpful to hear questions from other students as they might be areas you’d noticed needed fixing in your own practice but hadn’t quite brought it to your attention yet. Learning to control the tassel with the right angles and just the right amount of power is a reminder that relaxation is so key to the skill. Thanks Sigong and everyone! -Kay

Great to continue the form and pick up on some of the tricky detail. Thank you Sigong.