White Crane Sword Part 17

It is a Sunday morning treat for the brain and body!  I have never been known as a morning person but on a White Crane Sword Sunday I always manage to be up, maybe not firing on all cylinders immediately, and ready for another wonderful seminar. This form continues to challenge and thrill in equal measures and the joy felt when working with the sword and tassel is something worth cherishing.
Every seminar allows us to practice the earlier parts of the form, to see more detail and ask the questions we didn’t know to ask before, and this combination brings with it confidence in ourselves and our partnership with the sword and tassel.  The White Crane Sword, and the Green Dragon Sword, feels alive and it deserves our respect and those who have ever practiced either form will realise if you try to force a movement you will get bitten (flicked / hit with the tassel!).
Sigong manages to break down this challenging form with such clarity and he provides us with helpful tips to improve the flow of the form and our handling of the sword.  The time in the breakout rooms is invaluable too as it gives an opportunity to fix any problems, ask further questions, and for mistakes to be spotted and rectified. Thank you so much to all the breakout room leaders your help is much appreciated.
The new section we learnt today seemed quite straight forward, I say seemed as with much of this form there is a lot more to the movement than first appears. The new movement is reminiscent of a move in Green Dragon Sword and yet I still managed to confuse myself but after following Sigong a few times it certainly became clearer.  I look forward to continuing to practice, gain clarity of movement and a greater understanding of the fantastic White Crane Sword.
Many thanks Sigong for teaching us this incredible form.
By Nicci Pearce

Student Comments

Lovely new movement at the end – I like the combination of the dynamic and flowing turn followed by the still and graceful posture.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Really enjoying the challenge of the White Crane sword form. The details in the form are quite deep, from how to do the movements to how to position the fingers correctly in both hands. Always great to learn the new part broken down, much clearer. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Another great morning of learning the White Crane Sword. I enjoy the way we do it sections from the beginning up to the point where we are because it helps me to get my angles and my turns right and also look at the detail, I love the movements in the form and the flow will work hard to make it stick, thank you Sigong, earl

Working on the beginning part and polishing it is very useful to better understand the energy of the movements but especially of the tassle. Thank you Sifu, looking forward to truly understand White Crane Sword!