White Crane Sword Part 4

Grandmaster Tse continued teaching one of the most iconic forms of the Chun Yuen System.

If you look back on the previous seminars comments you will see there is a definite theme with the White Crane Sword which simply put is – this is a very challenging form.  What also probably comes across loud and clear is how grateful we all are to be taught this form by Sigong with his ability to simplify the trickiest of movements and break them down and explain them clearly, a skill in itself! 

You soon learn the sword and tassel are to be respected and never forced, a light touch can achieve the results in a far more effective way, something you pick up after wearing the tassel on your head a few times, the warm ups give an opportunity to practice and hone some of the movements required in the form and they certainly help to get yourself back in a tasselled sword frame of mind.  Even though we have only learnt a small part of the form so far it is already challenging in a way no other form has been and to echo what others have said before the more we learn the better we understand and this can only help us to improve. 

The ‘playroom’ practice sessions are incredibly important to help with this learning and improvement, especially when you are paired up with someone who just seems to ‘get it’, as it gives you an opportunity to fix any mistakes or practice a particular part that is troubling you as was  the case for me today, and thank you all for your help as always. 

Finally, something that cannot be underestimated is the joy you feel when the tassel lands where it should and the small part you have learnt starts to feel more comfortable, it might be hard earned, but it is so worth it.  I’m really looking forward to part 5 and I am sure the rest of the group are too. Thank you Sigong for your time and your teaching. 

By Nicci Pearce 

Student Comments

Really enjoy the challenge of moving together with the rigid and flexible parts of the sword. Thanks for sharing White Crane Sword with us, Sigong! -Kay

Really enjoying the White Crane Sword. Picked up quite a few details from the new part today, particularly what the empty hand is doing. It is so much fun playing with the tassel, and so good to challenge the brain! Thank you Sigong. Christine

Another challenge this weekend with the new warm-up movement, but in practising these moves we can begin to appreciate the skill in controlling the long tassel. As usual the seminar was extremely enjoyable, and I can’t wait to learn more. Thank-you Sifu.

I’m loving this form more every time. It is interesting that it forces you to train flow – you can’t just stop in the middle of a movement, think about the next bit, and then continue. If you do that the tassel has stopped and the movement won’t work.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

I really enjoyed learning a new warm up and quite a long new section. With each session my understanding of how to move the tassel improves and I feel more and more addicted to the form. Thank you for a wonderful seminar. Taisigong. Daniel

The warm-up exercises are easier now and there is still a lot to learn on how best to apply the energy to the sword and the tassel. I am enjoying White Crane sword form quite a lot as it is challenging me and teaching me correct application. Thank you Sifu