White Crane Sword Pt 16

Another thoroughly enjoyable morning today working on the White Crane Sword.

One reason for saying this, as I am sure everyone will agree, is that the first part seems a little easier, it shows progression and understanding and it was good for me in that I asked more questions on movement and timing. As we continued further into the form reviewing the previous parts, I questioned myself on the details so that when I asked Sigong or one of the leaders some of those many questions, my view became much clearer and helps with my progression that much more.

Sigong said today we should be finding the beginning part much clearer and the new part not as clear but we will go through this again and again which I deem to be the plus side which keeps me focused and steady. I will say again that this is a very complicated form, but the benefits of it are immense. I can write a list of the things that the sword and tassel has brought out in myself , for example I actually feel more confident and strong (sword} and am able to answer questions clearly (tassel). With the sword I stand upright and straight and with the tassel once you have learnt to control it, becomes clear. Although it can change because, Kay asked the question “Would the tassel arrive before the sword?” and the answer was yes, which Sigong demonstrated.

I watched Sigong as he went through the demonstration, he also really enjoys it and is beautiful to watch. The temperament of sword and tassel, slow, fast, darting,circling low high, soft and hard and its continuity, for me a difficult road – to climb the tallest mountain you need guides, the mountain that I am climbing now has the best guide.

Thank you Sigong for guiding us.

by Earl Gottshalk

Student Comments

As we get further along with the White Crane form, I appreciate learning more about the detail and rhythm, especially with the earlier moves that we are now quite familiar with. I find the form challenging but enjoyable and very grateful to Sigong and the group leaders in our break out rooms who help us with such patience and skill, thank you.
Enjoyed White Crane Sword seminar this morning- and particularly Sigong’s tree metaphor. Every time we review the what we know, the foundation gets stronger and we can grow that bit more. Thanks, Sigong! -Kay
Really good breakout sessions this time, thanks to everyone for some interesting discussions about how not to break the flow of the tassel by not hitting the body so much, and how to follow the energy of the tassel as it changes from in line with the sword to a circling movement. We’re getting close to the point in the form that I feel I know well and on to the uncharted territory which will need a lot more polishing! Thanks Sigong!
Lee B
Great fun today.
Love the stylish postures – especially the one at the end where the sword is held in reverse – reminds me of Peacock Spreads its Wings from Xing Shou.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
Thank-you Sifu for another great seminar. The White Crane Sword is very challenging, so it really helps to break the form into sections and practise each one before continuing to learn the next part.
I enjoyed the White Crane seminar today, getting much more familiar with what every part of the body is doing when the sword and tassel move. Picked up some transition movements which make the tassel go smoother! Many thanks Sigong for breaking down the complicated movements. Christine
The beginning feels much much better than when we started and I can understand the energy quite well. The middle part and the ending are a bit hard but it is also getting better and more clear. Thank you Sifu and senior students for help!
It’s great to work on the finer details of the form, especially now the tassel should flow and then learn a little bit more. The form is definitely getting harder but still a lot of fun. Thank you Sigong for sharing this form. Yunki