White Crane Sword Pt 19

It is a great sunny morning with a slight chill in the air but the White Crane Sword will soon take care of the chills.

The movements sweep you away with the flow and the twists and turns, the ups and downs.
Ok let’s take a few steps back from that and go through my eyes, The actual form is a challenge Sigong says it test your mind and your body, every time you practice it becomes clearer,

It’s great to grasp that ever avoiding flow, You do get some flow here and there but with all things it takes time,consistency and practice.

A part of what you do is you have to know when to pause and then move from hard to soft. It’s like music, a soft start when you are not too sure, you then practice and it starts to come together, each time you do so there is improvement and in my case happiness.

There is a strong focus that comes with this it’s almost like tunnel vision in that the focus of the sword and the tassell also the engine that drives such a concentration (you) , There are as always many questions, Sigong has reminded us that this not an overnight success story, but an ongoing story in all aspects of your life. Nothing is perfect when you start but if you give yourself the time and the patience many great things can happen to you. With me, it’s that i am glad i am learning this and my improvements show if only to myself that I say, wow my balance has improved, I am more flexible, people are surprised at what i can do and they cannot as yet, My answer is Practice and Consistency for great success
Thank you Sigong for sharing a knowledge almost extinct and giving it new life (Students) to continue on its way. Keep good practice everyone.

by Earl Gottshalk

Student Comments

I am spotting new things all the time now as we move into the part of the form that I did not have worked out so well in the past. Even just some basic walking directions were wrong. It’s great to work on these things and iron out the bugs! Thanks Sigong! Lee B
Learning tricky bits on White Crane Sword is like trying to iron out a stubborn wrinkle- just have to keep going over and over it and make sure you’ve enough steam and effort to smooth it out. I don’t like ironing but I really enjoy practicing White Crane Sword! -Kay
The challenges keep coming! Very stimulating for the mind and the body.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
The beginning and middle of the form, up to this moment, are a lot clearer now with the tassel being easier to handle than before. The ending of the next part is quite difficult so it was very useful to go through it with seniors and to ask all the questions. Now it is a lot clearer. Thank you Sifu! -Radu
Getting into the more difficult and less clear parts of the White Crane now, so great to do it bit by bit and have time to figure out what the arms, legs, body, sword and tassel are doing together! Many thanks Sigong. Christine