White Crane Sword – Pt 20

This was my last seminar of the year and what a seminar to finish on! The White Crane Sword is a fantastic, albeit challenging, form that keeps your warm on a cold wintery day. 

The White Crane Sword has really tested me this year mentally, physically but also emotionally as there have been times when I never thought I would never ‘get it’ and I have repeatedly compared my ability with others and found myself lacking.  However, I am still here learning and progressing which just shows that Chun Yuen forms, especially White Crane Sword, teach you life lessons too.  Patience and kindness is something we all can show others but it is just as important to show yourself. 

Each new seminar has helped to clarify parts of the form that may have been a little hazy as well as helping with details on the more polished sections.  Sigong’s amazing ability to break down the trickier parts astounds me and he always makes it look so easy and incredibly beautiful.  The last couple of seminars have introduced some difficult moves to test my coordination with kicks, twists as well as the usual tassel wrangling but the joy I feel when it  all seems to come together, and I end up in the correct position and direction,  is  addictive. I have always believed that when something doesn’t come easily the eventual reward is far greater than you expect.  The help received in the breakout rooms is hugely beneficial, as always, but especially with this form.

Thank you Sigong for another year of sharing your vast knowledge of these amazing skills and long may it continue.  

by Nicci Pearce 

Student Comments

It’s always satisfying when a particularly tricky bit seems to finally come together. What a great way to end the Chun Yuen seminars this year. Thanks, Sigong! – Kay
Phew…….Lots to practise over the Christmas break😁 Thanks for a great seminar Sigong and many thanks for all the help from group leaders. Little by little getting clearer.  Belinda
Exciting finale for this year’s White Crane Sword seminars! Looking forwards to next year.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg
Was great to go over the new section in detail today, that was always quite unclear to me before so good to have a better understanding of how it goes. Good polishing too on previous parts, getting clearer and more flowing each time. Thank you Sigong. Christine
The new bit was always one of the trickier parts when I learned before and it seems very simple now! I feel like I got a lot of really good polishing today as well, but I think my target for next year has to be to try and get outside again — I am at the limit of what I can do indoors! Thanks Sigong and Merry Christmas!
Lee B
Note to myself “practice.” Thank you, Sigong, for a brilliant seminar this morning and the attention to detail and making the harder movements clear, earl
The part in White Crane directly before where we finished last time is quite tricky but luckily we did long parts of the form today and this was very useful to better connect the form together. Looking forward to understand this new part as good as the beginning. Thank you Sifu!