Wing Chun Instructor Course 2023

A short sleep, nervous sweats, and feeling anxious were some of the symptoms I experienced the day before the Wing Chun instructor’s course. After looking over my notes for what seemed like an eternity, trying to anticipate what was to come, the hour of the instructor’s course had finally arrived.

Sifu – Darryl Moy, Sigong – Grandmaster Tse, other students, and instructors from all over the world joined the zoom call. Some faces were familiar while others were completely new, adding to the increasing intensity of being on the instructors’ course for the first time. However, seeing the number of people who joined across vastly different time zones, greatly exemplified the true dedication to Wing Chun that is so well reflected in Sifu and Sigong. At that moment, my feelings of anxiousness and nervousness were replaced with that of inspiration and motivation. Sifu and Sigong spoke to us briefly and explained to the first-timers how each day was going to go, and with that, the course was underway.

The first day of the course started with Sigong demonstrating each of the forms and exercises in the Wing Chun syllabus: Siu Lim Tao (the first form and everyone’s favourite), Dan Chi Sau, Seung Chi Sau, and Tsum Kiu. The preciseness and naturalness with which Sigong performed each form and exercise highlighted how detailed one needs to be to truly master each form. Each form or exercise was broken-down into 3 sections where Sigong welcomed questions after each section and answered them in great detail. After Sigongs first round of demonstrations, we joined breakout rooms that were assigned to the different forms and exercises. Each breakout room allowed students to polish their form either for testing or to further their own personal development. After 20 minutes in the breakout rooms, we came back to the main meeting room for a subsequent round of demonstrations. This continued until Sigong had gone through all the forms and exercises in significant detail. By the end of the first day, there was such a vast amount of knowledge that I had to write down close to 2 pages of intricate notes! Which was especially useful in preparation for the following day.

After the first day and lots more re-reading through my notes, it was time for day 2 of the course, testing day. Sifu and Sigong joined early to take a group photo and to wish us good luck with our tests. The feeling of nervousness was quickly coming back. Each of us was designated to a tester at an allocated time during the 1 of the 3 sessions. While waiting to be tested, we could join the polishing breakout room to brush up on our form and knowledge. In the polishing rooms, there was a great deal of help and feedback (thank you Andrew!), and much of my nervousness faded again. Upon testing, we had to join the testers’ zoom meeting and were assessed to a high degree of scrutiny. Testers then pointed out any improvements or corrections to our forms at the end of each test, and regardless of passing, everyone was given feedback and felt motivated to continue developing their skill. A massive thank you to all the testers as everyone left their tests with improvements and corrections that will aid in their practice to reach a higher level!

Once all the tests had completed, Sigong asked us to come back into the main meeting room where Sifu and Sigong explained the benefits of teaching and how rewarding it can be for our own development. Afterwards, Sigong asked questions about Wing Chun to test us and as an opportunity to learn and discuss the different responses. In the final parts of the course, and as Sigong and Sifu emphasize every class, the best way to improve your Wing Chun skill is to continue to Chi Sau with as many people as often. So, you know how to deal with a wide variety of people of different sizes and styles. This year’s instructors’ course was extremely insightful and lots of fun. I am sure everyone enjoyed it and is even more motivated to continue developing their Wing Chun skill. Thank you so much Sigong and Sifu for passing on this skill and for showing us the true spirit of Wing Chun!

by Teck Chow Teah

Student Comments

Very nice to have this opportunity, striving to make everything clearer and clearer. Also very nice to see a lot of people again that I haven’t seen for a while. The talks were also very motivating. Thank you to Sigong, Sifu and all the testers and polishers for this instructors course. Wouter
Sifu (and Darryl), thank you for a really enjoyable instructor’s course. Each time I come, I think I ‘know it’, but each course I still learn more and more and realise how much more there is to learn and improve. I cannot wait until the next one in person!!! Thank you Peter W.
Another well organised, highly informative Wing Chun instructors course. Thank you to Sifu, Simo, my Sihings and all the testers and polishers. So glad I’ve had yet another opportunity to continue to attend on line from the other side of the world! I look forward to seeing everyone a bit more in person in the future now that the world is opening up again! Clive
Thank you for the amazing Wing Chun instructor course. Sifu’s guidance and instruction allowed me to deepen my skills and understanding of this incredible martial art. I am looking forward to the in-person course next year! Alex K
I am grateful to be able to take part in the Wing Chun Instructor Course because of how comprehensively we look at Wing Chun and how well we are prepared in terms of ability and inspiration by Sifu and all the senior students to start teaching. Thank you Sifu, Simo, Moy Sihing and all senior students for organizing another great course. Looking forward to next year!
Very good course. Lots of detail and brought much clarity to the forms. Thank you to Sigong, Sitai, Siba and all seniors and polishers to making this an excellent course. Natasha
Absolutely brilliant Wing Chun instructor course this weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed Sigong’s demonstration on the first day and the polishing in the break out rooms. Excellent feed back from the testers on the second day. Very interesting perspectives on what having a class requires and what it does for you. A big thank you to Sigong, Siba, and all the testers for making it a great experience! Best, Tom Hogg.
Great Course. I feel the skill can just go deeper and deeper when we stick with it. Lovely to see so many Wing Chun brothers and sisters. Hope to meet up with some of you at the residential course.
Thank you to Siba Moy for organising and all the seniors for helping out with testing and polishing.
Thank you Sigong for another chance to improve.
Paul Hogg
The 2023 Wing Chun instructor course has been fantastic as always – so much knowledge! Many thanks to Sigong, Sitai, Siba Moy and all the seniors for their hard work and dedication to make this happen. So…looking forward to seeing everyone in person at next year’s course. Thank you. Peter Hogg
Thanks very much to Sigong, Sifu, all the testers, and all the polishers. It was fantastic to be back after having to miss last year’s course. It is fantastic to see how smooth the course runs and how well everyone in the centre responds. It allows us all to make the most of this chance to deepen our understanding of Wing Chun and also to come together with our Wing Chun brothers. Looking forward to seeing everyone in person next year.
Many thanks, Gareth Price.
Another year and another fabulous Wing Chun instructor course. It was great to see everyone and learn directly from Sigong. Each year we go deeper with more clarity. Thanks to Sigong, Sitai, Sifu, and testers and polishers. Matt
Thank you TaiSigong, TaiSitai and Sibagong Darryl for organising the Wing Chun instructors course 2023, and thanks for fitting in a second go at Sil Lim Tao after my internet broke during the first attempt! There is always so much to learn on this course and it is one of the highlights of the year. Thank you to all the testers and polishers. It was so good to see everyone and chat about Wing Chun, looking forward to the in person next year (and other seminars in-between!). Thank you, Rod.
Really enjoyed the Wing Chun instructor course. There is so much knowledge in Wing Chun, it is good to hear Sigong and the seniors explaining the ‘why’ of a position or an application or a principle. I always pick up something that I didn’t know or had not thought of. Very nice seeing everyone on the course, always impressed by those attending the course in different time zones in their middle of the night! Looking forward to an in-person course next year! Many thanks to Sigong, Sitai, Siba and Mike for providing this course and making it so smooth. Christine
Such a good Wing Chun instructor course, lots of very clear detail and polishing. And lots of food for thought. Everything ran very smoothly as always. Thank you for another great course Sifu
Peter A
Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Siba, for all of the work that you did to make the 2023 Wing Chun Instructor course a success. I learned so much! My head is still buzzing with information! I also want to thank my testers (Rick and Peter W) and Andrew (polishing) I appreciate your feedback. I am looking forward to next year’s course…(chi sau) and going out to dinner with everyone to celebrate Sigong’s birthday/Chinese New Year!
Deborah Hart
The Instructor’s Course is always a little stressful but it is ultimately a joy to reconnect with our centre family, an opportunity to refine our skills, and deepen our knowledge. Thank you to Sifu, Simo, Sihing Darryl, the testers, and polishers for making this another great experience. Can’t wait to see you all in person again real soon. Andrew O.
A really great 2023 Wing Chun Instructors course. A lot of detailed polishing available in the polishing room and excellent feedback and observations made by the testers. I feel like I come away with another layer of understanding of Wing Chun after each instructor course. Thankyou Taisgong and all involved for a wonderful course. Daniel
It’s always great to have the chance to do Instructors courses. There’s so much to learn. I really appreciate all the help from the Polishers and Testers and as always, my highlight is watching Sigong demonstrate and talk about the forms. The course is super well organised. Thank you to Sigong, Sitai and Sifu for all your hard work and for bringing us all together to learn the amazing skill of Wing Chun. Was good seeing everyone, as always. Trev