Wing Chun Instructor Course 2024

The Tse Qigong Centre’s Annual Seminar schedule always begins with the Wing Chun Instructor Course, and 2024 was no exception. However, there were two differences this year. The first was this was the first hybrid course where students outside Europe joined the course online and those from the UK and Europe attended in person. The second difference was this was the first time the course began with Questions-and-Answer exam.

Not only was this the first hybrid Wing Chun Instructor Course, but it was also the first-time students had gathered in person for a Wing Chun Instructor Course. The previous three years the course has only been online, so it was great to see so many people come in-person, and of course everyone was very excited. The online students were all from Australia and the USA, so they were having to really burn the midnight oil to last the day.

After Grandmaster Tse welcomed everyone, the students were split into groups for the Questions-and-Answer exam. Everyone had been told to prepare for the test by reading Sifu’s Wing Chun Notes. The questions were based on three categories, Wing Chun, Heart and Admin. Wing Chun questions of course could relate to any aspect of Wing Chun, from principles, techniques, history, etc. Heart, was broader category which related to what it takes to be a good teacher, how to inspire and lead, etc. Admin was related to the unseen part of being an instructor and an instructor’s responsibilities and how to pass information to the Centre, etc. Students had to answer a certain number of questions correctly, those that failed to do so had to be retested before they could go onto testing their forms the next day or use their testing time to be retested.

The Q&A was very interesting, and some students found the questions quite tricky. However, one of the most enjoyable parts of the course was going through the answers and understanding what answers gives you.

Once the Q&A was complete, the course followed a more traditional route with Sifu demonstrating forms and answering the many questions from the students. Sifu demonstrated Siu Lim Tao, the testing requirements for Dan Chi Sau and Seung Chi Sau and Tsum Kiu. After each “round” the group split polishing groups lead by a senior who helped go through and answer any other questions people may have had.

At the end of the day, there was some time for some relaxation with some much-needed Chi Sau which everyone enjoyed!

Although the first day of the course was over, the day was not finished and most of the students travelled to the very short distance to the Imperial China Chinese Restaurant, where we celebrated Grandmaster Tse’s Birthday. There were over forty people and at one point the manager told us he could not fit in anymore as there were no more chairs! However, after a quick chat with Sifu, he managed to find a few more! The food was very good and there was a lot of it and everyone had a really good time. Simo chose the menu, and she did an amazing job!

Being Sifu’s Birthday celebration there had to a be a cake or two, and what cakes they were! They were made by Gosia, and they were simply stunning! One was a huge Tiramisu Cake and the other was a Vegan Fruit cake. They were a perfect way to end a fantastic meal!

The next day began with a group photo and they it was straight into testing. All the testing had been time-tabled out so like the previous online courses, everyone knew where they should be and who was testing them. Testing went through very smoothly in a very calm and relaxed manner.  Once all the testing was complete, there was more time for another session of Chi Sau while all the results were collected. Then a much-missed part of the course returned, that was the presentation of certificates. Since Covid forced the course online, this part of the course has of course been impossible and so all results have been stored. Now all the previous results and this year’s results were all put together and new certificates were prepared and presented to each student by Grandmaster Tse. A special thank you should be said to Simo/Sitai, Nicci and Sue on he day, for their long hours in getting all the certificates and results together.

It is always good to reflect on an instructor course. They are not just about passing forms as being a successful Sifu is not limited to how many forms you know (especially in Wing Chun) and knowledge. Of course, these are very important things, but there is much more to it than that. Grandmaster Tse sets a great example of what a Sifu is, and the first thing we should do is copy our teacher. If we can understand and take on these other aspects, which are not hidden away, then we can also become successful teachers whose students are proud to call “Sifu”.

by Darryl Moy

Thank you Sifu, Sigong, and all the testers for another wonderful instructors course. Really appreciate all the work you’ve put in, and the knowledge imparted. Yelian

Thank you Sigong, Sifu and all the testers! It’s been a fantastic course and I really appreciate how you were able to accommodate those of us online as well. Malachy

Great Instructor Course.
Loved that we had time to do so much Chi Sau. Thank you to Sigong, Sitai, Siba Moy for all the organising and all the testers for their hard work. I feel all warmed up for the residential course now- can’t wait! Paul Hogg

Excellent Wing Chun instructor course this weekend! I found the questions to be a bit of a curve ball but I like how it emphasizes the importance of knowledge and not only skill. A big thanks to Sigong, Sitai and Siba Darryl as well as all the testers for making it a great experience. Best, Tom Hogg

Always an excellent experience with the instructor course. Lovely to see everyone and to gain more experience. Great to Chi Sau too! Many thanks to Sigong, Sitai and all the help and feedback from the seniors for an instructive weekend. Best regards, Peter Hogg

Was really good to be back in person for the Wing Chun instructor course. Learnt a lot from all the questions, the polishing and the Chi Sau. So good to see everyone and having a very nice meal together again. Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Siba Darryl and Siba Mike for all the organisation and hard work. Christine

Very happy to have been be at the Wing Chun instructors in person. The questions on knowledge made everyone put extra effort in that area as well. Thank you Sigong, Sitai, Sifu, testers and everyone helping us to keep improving. Great to have some Chi Sau as well! Wouter

I am really enjoying being back in person at the Instructor courses and especially having the chance to chi sau with everyone! I picked up some great pointers on my knowledge and form and had a superb meal catching up with everyone as well. Thanks Sigong for pulling us all together! Lee

It’s fantastic to be back together seeing everyone in person and learning more about Wing Chun. Our standard is higher every year. Seeing everyone, having a chance to chi say and enjoying a meal together were also highlights. Thank you Sifu, Simo and Darryl for such a good course. Peter B

It was amazing to see everyone in person and get a chance to chi sau. Thank you Sifu, Simo and all the testers for a fantastic instructor course. I appreciate your guidance and am grateful for always learning something new under your instruction. Alex

A wonderful instructor course with a lot of learning and revising knowledge. It was really good to go through the questions and deeepen our understanding of Wing Chun principles and knowledge for how to run a class. Thank you Sifu, Sihing and all senior students for your great effort and diligence! Radu

Thank you Sigong and everyone involved in organising a fantastic, long awaited in-person Wing Chun instructors course! The new question format and being in the same space together adds so much more to the learning experience, as well as being a great opportunity to see our brothers and sisters, have a wonderful meal, and of course the chance to Chi Sau with more hands! Sam

Sifu, Simo, Darryl and Testers, Thank you all for a great Wing Chun Instructors course. It was so good to do this in person. Lots of good learning and polishing. Still lots to learn and improve. Roll on next year’s course. Thank you all. Peter W

A great instructor’s course, thank you Sigong Sitai and Siba and also to all testers for a great effort. Thank you Sigong for bringing us all together again in person in a hybrid format together with our brothers and sisters connecting from abroad! It was a great opportunity to further/deepen our knowledge and our skill following the example of Sigong and seniors. I enjoyed meeting everyone and thank you all for chi sau but also catching up over a great meal and a super cake too! Michalis A.

Thank you to Sigong, Sitai, Sifu and all the testers. How fantastic to be back all together to learn together and touch each others hands. We all learn so much and deepen our knowledge. Looking forward to next year now. Gareth Price.

It was great to be able to meet up in person and train and learn together again. Thanks so much to everyone who worked hard to make the event happen. Ian

Thank you Sigong, Sitai and Sifu. For another amazing instructor course. There’s so much to learn and develop. Its allways amazing to have the opportunity. Really enjoyed catching up with everyone and the meal, which was lovely. Thank you to all the testers for all there help and advice. It’s been a pretty awesome weekend. Trev

This was my first in person instructor course, and I enjoyed it very much. I learned a lot, and got a deeper understanding of things I wasn’t sure about. It was really good to see everyone again and Chi Sau practice too. Dinner was great on Saturday night! Thanks to everyone for help and testers for their advice, and thankyou Taisigong, Taisitai and sibagong Darryl for organising, and everyone involved. Rod.

Wonderful to be at an in-person instructor course. As always, lots of learning and further deepening of skills and knowledge. Thank you, Sifu, Simo, and all the seniors and examiners. It was great to see everyone, and to have the opportunity to Chi Sau with different hands! Kevin C

Very enjoyable course, I learnt alot from seeing the energy and details of the forms and how to apply them. Was great to eat together and Chi Sau. Thank you Sigong, Sitai and Siba and all testers for helping this to happen. Natasha

Great to have an in person instructor course again after so long. So much to learn. Really enjoyed it and seeing everyone again. Fantastic food as well both at the meal and for lunch. Peter D

It was a really wonderful Instructor course. A proper pressure test that really showed me the true level of my wing Chun and has inspired me to do more study. Many thanks to Taisigong, Sigong, Taisitai and all the assistant instructors for all of your helpful feedback. Daniel

It’s been a great weekend, and meeting everyone was great, and those I have not seen for quite some time, and some new faces. I also enjoyed the oral questions. It was a more personal touch, it made you think in real time and how much knowledge is behind everything you do it was totally worth it, thank you testers, polishers, and the advice and support from everyone thank you Sigong, Sitai, Siba, Sifu for your guidance on this road and making all of us capable of travelling with you and at the same time holding our own. Earl

It was great to come together in person again and have the opportunity to do chi sau and to see Sifu’s demonstrations in 3D. Nothing is better than seeing Sifu’s precision in real life. Thank you to Sifu for sharing that with us and making it all possible. Also not to forget the many hours behind the scenes for Simo and Darryl. I look forward to coming together again to deepen the skill and knowledge. Mike

What a brillant weekend! It was great seeing everyone in person. The instructors course I thought was great, emphasis on being correct, both in terms of skill and knowledge. Thank you Sigong for sharing the knowledge and skills with us all. And also thank you to Sitai, Sifu and all of the testers. Look forward to seeing you all very soon. Paul M

A very enjoyable course. It was great to see everyone again, face to face, after a number of years, interact and share with each other. It was good to see the demonstrations in person and hear the answers to questions. Many thanks to Tai Sigong, Sigong, the testers and everyone for their help and advice, and for helping me to gain fresh insights into Wing Chun. The Chi Sau was great and just experiencing the good energy of the course made it all very worthwhile. Also the evening meal was delicious. Allistair L.

Thank you for the opportunity to further my understanding of Wing Chin and to develop my skill further. Thanks to Sigong, Sitai, Sifu and the testers for their time and effort this weekend. James

Thank you all for the great comments. It is interesting watching everyone growing year by year. Just when we think we are in the groove, Sifu/Sigong/Tai Sigong throws a curve ball, as Thomas says, inspiring everyone to up their game and then being able to be proud of themselves for meeting the challenge. Thank you Darryl, Mike, Sue for their assistance with the certificates and all those who found some anomalies, inspiring me to do my best next time!
It was wonderful to be part of that in-person group comraderie once again after so many years of just meeting online. (So wonderful though that our overseas brothers and sisters have that on-line resource to join though!) Simo/Sitai/Tai Sitai

Agreed. It was great to see everyone face to face. Along with all the administrative work you put in, many thanks for keeping us well fed with your delicious food. Thanks to Sifu and everyone else for a great course. Michael W

Great instructor course! It was so good to see and train with anyone, the level keeps going up and there is so much to learn and understand. Such an amazing skill, thank you for a great course and dinner. Peter A

Brilliant instructors course and amazing to come to it in person for the first time. There is so much to learn to learn and lots of feedback which considerably clarified my understanding and experience. Thank you to everyone for their support and guidance during the course. And thank you Sigong and Sifu for continuing to share the essence and skill of Wing Chun. Additionally the CNY meal was incredibly delicious! I look forward to continuing to develop my skill and knowledge of Wing Chun! See everyone very soon! TC

Thank you Sigong allowing me to participate in this course. It was an opportunity to focus on the Wing Chun skill and knowledge in specific detail, to a level I hadn’t realised existed. Thank you to Sifu, Sitai, testers and everyone else who worked in the background. The chi sau was a highlight, and provided relief from the intensity of study. I definitely left with much to train and think about, as well as withdrawal symptoms from the constant tea drinking! Stuart