Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 448

The birthday dinner was at 7:00 PM and the weather turned out to be very good.

Taai Sīgōng Ip Chun’s 葉準太師公 100th Birthday

Part 7

Many people arrived early, at around 6:00 PM, to socialise. The seniors who had organised the event such as Ip Kwong Chiu 葉廣超, Raymond Lo 盧德安, Ho Kai 何基, Leung Chung Wai 梁忠威, Kwok Tak Yin 郭德賢 and others were there especially early. At the beginning we all looked for people that we knew but had not seen for a long time so that we could socialise and catch up. All the seats were assigned so we did not need look for a seat. I was talking with Kwok Tak Yin as I was sat at his table together with his wife and students. Having visited his class the day before I had already met some of his students and had a good time training with them. Kwok Tak Yin’s wife was very nice, and she always looked after everybody on the table. I knew most of the seniors and so spent a lot of time talking with them. After this there were a lot of group photos. Many different groups of people came together to have a photo, and I had a photo with the other students who had studied at the same time as me. It was amazing to see that a lot of us were already now in our 60s or 70s. How time flies by, but it was so nice to see them.

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