Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 449

After the group photos there was a raffle. We had open given a ticket each with a number on it.

Studying with Sīfú 師父Taai Sīgōng Ip Chun’s 葉準太師公 100th Birthday

Part 8

Raymond Lo 盧德安was on the stage picking the numbers. If your number came up, you won a prize. Our table won three prizes. One prize was a cup, the other was a case on the last one was a bowl. I was lucky enough to win a cup. It was a ceramic Chinese cup which was made by one of Sifu’s student. She makes beautiful porcelain cups, bowls and teapots, all with beautiful, traditional Chinese paintings on them. I was very lucky to win this. Kwok Tak Yin 郭德賢 was also lucky as he won a beautiful porcelain case, decorated with beautiful flowers. This was made by the same student. At the end Kwok Tak Yin gave his porcelain to me, said because I had come a long way, I was very please. I always like to get as many souvenirs as possible. There were more prizes for other people such as teapots and even a special hoodie. There were other hoodies, but these were all put up auction, and people paid good money for them. However, everybody who took part at the dinner party was given a special souvenir bowl to celebrate Sifu’s 100th birthday. I like this the most as it is a good souvenir from the event.

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