Grandmaster Tse’s Wing Chun Note 454

The next day I went back to Sīfú’s 師父 class and sat and watched. There were some seniors there like Ip Kwong Chiu 葉廣超 and Ip Kwong Kit 葉廣傑, and other seniors like Leung Chong Wai 梁忠威, Raymond Lo, Kwok Tak Yin 郭德賢 and Chu Kei 朱基.

Taai Sīgōng Ip Chun’s 葉準太師公 100th Birthday

Part 13

Later, Brian Desire and Colin Ward arrived. Colin had brought along some of his students came along. They had missed the Birthday Dinner because of the typhoon. However, Colin and his students enjoyed training with the Hong Kong students, and they all had a good time. As I watched them, I thought they are lucky now. They can train in a bigger space. When I was studying at Sīfú’s home, it was very small, and we could only have two pairs doing Chī Sáu 黐手 and we could not move very much and so there was not much footwork. If one pair was getting excited, we all had to stand to the side and watch, they would usually be the two more senior students. They would attack and defend, sometimes someone might get a cut lip from being hit, slapped or the glasses knocked down on the floor and it was more aggressive than it is now in Sīfú’s class. Sīfú would just sit and watch and then tell us how to defend against those attacks.

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