When discussing footwork within the parameters of martial arts very little is spoken about in terms of meanings, applications and positions. Normally the discussion is focused on basic tenets such as moving forwards, backwards, and to the sides etc. This is where 10 star footwork shines through as Tai-Sigong has organised and arranged the 10 star footwork to help us cope with any kind of situation or opponent.
Part 4 of the Wing Chun 10 star footwork seminar commenced with a comprehensive lecture about aspects of Siu Lim Tao and Chi Sau, covering topics such as emptying your mind but still being able to fight, and how using less energy and movement makes you more sensitive allowing you to change your technique and position more easily. Many more topics were covered.
After a short break everyone followed Siba Moy for a 30 minute one legged Siu Lim Tao after which we were divided into groups and put into breakout rooms to the discuss the previous 3 stars.
Tai-Sigong then asked students questions about what we had covered and learnt so far. What students didn’t fully understand was thoroughly clarified by Tai-Sigong.
After another short break we discussed Waahng Ma, the next star. Students asked many questions and Tai-Sigong went on to explain the meaning, application and position and further clarified how Waahng Ma deals with attack and defence.
This was another informative seminar that only deepens our Wing Chun knowledge and highlighted how footwork is just as valuable as hand techniques, and I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to part 5.
by Eric Paule

Student Comments

Very enjoyable ten star footwork seminar, it is so good to get everything very clear. Thank you Sifu
Peter A

I enjoyed the lecture today in the Ten Stars Footwork part 4 seminar, where Sigong explained how to practice our forms and applications and how to improve our Chi Sau. We went over the three stars from previous seminars and added another one. It is good to repeat all the stars every time, it gets easier to remember and focuses our understanding on the key and important part of each movement. Looking forward to learning more about the future stars. Thank you Sigong. Christine

A very interesting lecture about attitude, energy and training with plenty to think about how we each train individually. Still so many details being clarified in every type of footwork we cover, thank you Sigong pushing our learning further. Sam

Sifu, thank you for this enjoyable seminar. It is always great to get more detail and understanding. Wing Chun really is amazing. Thanks Peter W

It was great to go over Wang Ma in today’s 10 Star Footwork seminar as well as practicing the previous stances. It was also very interesting to hear about the importance of relaxation in the lecture. Thank you, Sigong! Best, Tom Hogg.

Interesting lecture on the very basics of Wing Chun – without this foundation the rest of our skill will be weak. Siu Lim Tao keeps impressing me with its depth.
Great to go through the first three footworks and finish with Waang Ma.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

The fourth part of the Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork series revised the footwork from the previous seminars and continued with Waahng Ma. I like the format of going through the meaning, the structure and the application of each type of footwork. I find this makes it much easier to remember. Thanks for another great seminar Sigong. Peter Hogg

This time, Waahng Ma! I am still enjoying thinking about attack and defence with these footworks, and the recaps are good but we ran out of time to get through all the previous ones — note to self, maybe next time I should suggest to my group we start with the most recent one and work backwards!
Lee B

Thankyou TaiSigong for 10-star footwork part 4. The lecture at the start was very interesting especially getting the correct attitude and energy for Wing Chun and practising the techniques gently so that we don’t loose these. It was good to clarify the position of Wang Ma and how it is just one movement in the application for both attack and defence, no Jyun Ma! Thanks, Rod.

Thank you Sigong for teaching us the fourth star. I also appreciate reviewing the other 3 stars as well. I find it pretty amazing that just by turning my body, my reach is longer and I am able to hit my opponent. I am able to close the gap! The flip side of the coin is equally amazing as I am able to increase the gap so my opponent can’t hit me. Thank you Sigong for sharing all of these fantastic skills. Deborah Hart

Another great seminar focusing on 10 star foot work. This week we looked at whaang Ma and revised the other steps. With each seminar my understanding becomes clearer. Thanks Sigong.

There is a great deal to understand and embody in the Wing Chun skill. I am very glad I have this opportunity to better understand and explore all aspects of footwork and it’s connection to Chi Sau and fighting. Thank you Sifu!