Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Part 7

In the latest instalment of the Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork series, which was Part 7, Sigong (Grandmaster Tse) took us through a tour of all the footwork already covered in this series.

These were Yih Jih Kihm Yeuhng Mah, Yat Geuk Jong, Jyun Mah, Waahng Mah, Jeun Mah, Teui Mah and Bui Mah. For each one, he highlighted key purposes and training methods, which was a really useful recap and way to make sure we don’t forget the essential attributes.

Sigong also answered an interesting question about footwork in non-bare hand situations, i.e. when we have a weapon in our hand, specifically covering the Baat Jaam Dou and Luhk Dim Bun Gwan (Long Pole) situations.

When we have something in our hand, this gives us a longer range for attack and defence, and consequently our stance can be different from close distance when we use our bare hands only. When we are in close contact with our opponent with our hands, we have to be precise, feel the opponent energy through contact, divert their energy and react appropriately. With a weapon, we are stronger, so the focus is not about sensing and diverting energy but use energy to defend and attack.

The three main footwork of Jyun Mah (turning stance), Jeun Mah (forward stepping) and Teui Mah (backward stepping) can also be found in both Baat Jaam Dou and Luhk Dim Bun Gwan forms. Their structure is different from the bare hand versions, the stance is wider, the weight can be forward or backward, the feet can be parallel and in-line. It was great to have Sigong explain all these differences!

As in the previous seminar, we started with Warm Up exercises, then did half an hour Sui Lim Tao training before a break and Sigong’s lecture. This meant that our heads were calmer and clearer to listen to the lecture!

Continuing with the format used so far in the series, we were split into groups and given a good amount of time to revise and go over the seven footwork already learnt. Then it was time for the test, each one of us answering one question about the seven footwork. We then split again into groups to discuss the 8th footwork, Faai Jeun Mah. Sigong then not only explained the name, purpose and training method of this footwork, but also demonstrated it. We subsequently had time to practice it too. This was a more advanced footwork, and less known to many of us.

Looking forward to go over the remaining two footwork, together with practicing and checking our performance of them all. Thank you Sigong for a very beneficial and much needed seminar series.

by Christine Barbier

Student Comments

Excellent 10 star foot work seminar today. It was great to go over the previous stepping techniques and to learn the new Fai Juhn Ma. Also enjoyed the long Sui Lim Tao. Thank you, Sigong! Best, Tom Hogg.

Sifu, thank you for another exciting seminar. This one, like the others, builds on what we have learnt. Faai Ma is exciting and dynamic. It also gets the blood pumping! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks Peter W

I think I finally worked out what the last two stars are now but we’ll see next time! Faai Jun Mah was fun to learn and see, and it was good to hear that Sigong will be checking our stepping! Thanks Sigong!
Lee B

Another star has been added! The training in faai mah is quite demanding compared to some of the earlier footworks. Interesting to talk about the differences in training and application and between close and long range scenarios.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

Part seven of the Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork series of seminars saw some interesting discussions in the breakout rooms. It’s always useful to revise the footwork we have already covered. The new stepping we covered today was Faai Jeun Máh. Thanks very much Sigong. Peter Hogg

Thankyou Taisigong for a very informative 10 star foot work part 7. It was very interesting to see the differences between Juen Ma, Biu Ma and Fai Juen Ma. It was good to see TaiSigong demonstrate these to see the differences and different application. It’s given me a lot to think about – homework for next time! Thanks to everyone in the breakout rooms for their help. Looking forward to discovering the last 2 stars, thanks, Rod.

Thank you Sifu for another great seminar. The depth, clarity, and my understanding of each of the stars continues to improve every seminar. Faai Mah was fun to train and can’t wait to learn the rest of the stars. Thank you once again! Andrew O

Excellent seminar as always. Plenty of time to revise the previous stars and go deeper. Good to see the next star and how to practice. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Sigong.

Really enjoyed the 10 star footwork seminar today, it really helps to go over the techniques every time so we can really understand each technique. Thank you for another great seminar Sifu
Peter A

Really enjoyed the long Siu Lim Tao and going through the footwork. All the knowledge is building up and I’m finding that I can go through all the parts in detail and with more understanding now. Thank you Sifu!

Thank you Sigong for teaching us the 8th star! Thank you Peter W. for leading us during Siu Lim Tao and thank you Kevin for letting Sigong know that I would just make it to the seminar on time! The way I can describe the latest star…it is juen ma after I have had an espresso at Costa. Looking forward to Sigong observing my (our) demonstration of 8 star’s.
Deborah Hart