Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Part 8

Grandmaster Tse taught another part of this essential Wing Chun training and introudced the next star.

The seminar started, as usual with everyone warming up. Then into a 30 minute Siu Lim Tao, which many did on one leg. Doing this in a group really helps, as it means people do it for longer and you feel part of something. We then got the opportunity to ask Tse Sifu / Sigong questions. This helped people to really deepen their knowledge of Wing Chun. The questions were varied and interesting. It is great to watch how a Grand Master deals with these. Then we all went into groups to review the previous steps we had learnt. This helps to solidify the previous learnings, like cementing the foundations, before we move forward.

Once we have finished polishing what we had learnt on the previous seminars, it was time to learn something new. This time it was Faai Tui Ma. Fast Backward Step. It was great to work through this as a small group, but even better to see Tse Sifu / Sigong run through it. He challenged us with questions that make you think and checked / reinforced / corrected our exiting knowledge.

With each seminar we build on the previous, and learn more! Thank you Sifu and, as always, I look forward to the next one.
by Peter Walfisz

Student Comments

It is always nice to do a 30-40 minute Siu Lim Tao as it clears the mind and helps you focus. It was a great way to start part 8 of this seminar.
It seems that the closer you get to the horizon the more you start to see, and that is the beauty of Wing Chun as there is just so much knowledge amassed into the syllabus.
These seminars are invaluable to any Wing Chun student and helps you further understand the meaning, position and application of each of the 10 stars. Thank you Tai-Sigong and thank you for everyone’s help in the breakout rooms. Eric Paule.

I was right, the star I didn’t know *was* Faai Teui Ma! It was also good to clear up some confusion about fa ging when doing jyun ma. Thanks Sogong! Lee B

A really good 10 star footwork seminar today. I really enjoy the group process of working things out which I can feel is embedding the learning more deeply into me. It’s really great to give the feet and footwork the attention they derserve. Daniel

Today was another great seminar in going deeper and understanding more about each “star.” The review and discussion of the stars during each session has really helped me to understanding and appreciate how deep our Wing Chun skill is. Thank you Sifu for another amazing seminar. Andrew O.

The eighth part of the Ten Star Wing Chun Footwork was fun and informative. It’s amazing how there is always something that you might not have noticed or even considered before which comes up for discussion in the breakout rooms or at question time. I’m really enjoying this series of seminars and feel that I’m learning a lot. Thanks very much Sigong. Peter Hogg

Ten Star footwork 8 was very interesting and helped to clarify the previous footwork. The bit about the weight distribution in Fai Toy Ma was interesting as its not often we have our weight forward, I’ll have to have a good think about that before next time! As footwork is vital in Wing Chun a detailed understanding of the different kinds of stepping is very important. Thankyou TaiSigong for these seminars, looking forward to the next one! Thanks, Rod.

In part 8 of Ten Stars Footwork, it was really good to be able to learn more about how the fast forward and backward steppings worked and how to use them. The advanced stepping is less practiced, so it is really good to be able to learn them in such detail. Thank you Sigong. Christine

Now the knowledge is easier to remember and the explanations and positions make more and more sense. It’s great to go through the Ten Star Footwork, it makes me realize how best to use positioning and stepping in all aspects of Wing Chun. Thank you Sifu!

It was nice to start off with a 30 minute SLT followed by Q&A session. Each footwork is becoming more and more clear and its to think about applications as well as training. Thank you Sigong. Yunki