Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Pt 10

For the penultimate seminar in the Wing Chun 10-Star Footwork seminars, Grandmaster Tse began teaching the more advanced side to the 10-Star Footwork.

The seminar started with the Level 1 warm-up routine, followed by a 30 minute Siu Lim Tao. This is actually a very good way to start the seminar, and means that everybody is both relaxed and focused on the tasks ahead.

Before moving into the Zoom break-out rooms, Sifu gave another opportunity for question and answers on any aspect of Wing Chun. This is always very welcomed and a great opportunity to learn more. Although sometimes the answer can be very simple, we still need to know so that we understand and can explain to others, especially if we begin teaching.

As per the previous seminars, Sifu divided everybody into small groups, and we were given the task to revise all of the 10 stars. However, this time we were also asked to think about other applications and meaning behind the various footwork skills. Whilst some people had good ideas, we needed Sifu’s knowledge to know the correct answer. Needless to say that everybody was both surprised and intrigued to hear about these advanced insights into the Wing Chun skill, and look forward to learning more of the higher level skill in the next seminar.

by Rick Charles

Student Comments

Very good Wing chun seminar, always going deeper and making us think more about the training and how to use it, thank you Sifu. Peter A

Very enjoyable 10 Star Footwork seminar today. I love the 30 min of Siu Lim Tao to start. It was great to go into even more detail about each of the stars. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

It has been really useful going backwards in the breakout rooms, the last couple of seminars, as both times there has been someone in my group who missed the previous week so we were able to recap at the same time as catching them up. This time we went deeper into the knowledge of the first three stars and it was difficult to not try to branch out into other skills for answers — health benefits from qigong rather than deeper wing chun knowledge! There is so much to think about in these seminars and I am sure most other schools of Wing Chun do not get access to this level of careful thought and knowledge. Thanks Sigong!
Lee B

I enjoyed the challenge of going deeper and thinking differently on the Ten Stars Footwork seminar today. It really opens the mind to look beyond what we know already. Thank you Sigong for such interesting seminars. Christine

Interesting to have to go deeper into the meaning begind the different stars and how they benefit our skill-level. I’ll be thinking more about these hidden things from now on – not just for the 10 Star Footwork but for Wing Chun and the other skills in general. Thank you Sigong for making us think more about the skill and stimulating our Kung Fu learning.
Paul Hogg

Part ten of the Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork was very interesting today. It’s fascinating how much depth there is to this skill. We’re extremely lucky to have the opportunity to learn it from a true master. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

Thank you Sifu for another great seminar. It is always good to review the “stars” but was very enlightening to delve further into the skill and have to think about it more from a practical application standpoint. Can’t wait for the next one! Andrew O

A wonderful 10 star footwork seminar today – particularly interesting was the discussion of on alternative training methods using the first two basic stances – such as table training and plum blossom pole training. It was also jaw dropping to hear nuggets like “you hardly ever Jyun Mah and strike at the same time”, you turn pause and Then strike. Also applies when you step back and laap. You step back, pause and then laap! Daniel

In Wing Chun 10 star footwork part 10 we went through the first 3 stars at a greater level of detail to understand the training and applications at a higher level. I found the seminar very interesting and has introduced new ways of thinking about and training the footwork. Thankyou Tai Sigong for these seminars, looking forward to next time.

There’s always so much more we learn in the 10 star footwork seminars; every new detail adds up into a greater picture. Remembering all the details can be quite challenging, but I’m really enjoy going deeper into the things that are not so obvious or less thought about. Sam

I really enjoyed the long Siu Lim Tao and I feel I understand the importance of it more every time. And going into depth about each footwork star is amazing to see and understand everything about it so it can better prepare us for Chi Sau and fighting. Thank you Sifu!

Thank you Sigong for a fantastic installment of the Ten Star Footwork! Thank you Siba for leading us during Siu Lim Tao and thank you Mike, Peter, and Mike for your help in tge breakout room! I think I finally figured out what footwork is high level? Did you? I will ask Sigong next time.
Deborah Hart

Wow, what a seminar! This was certainly a thought provoking seminar that made me think a lot about Wing Chun footwork. Thank you Sigong for sharing the advanced concepts. Yunki