Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Pt 11

It’s amazing how quick these seminars go by, and everyone was excited for the culmination of the Wing Chun 10 star footwork seminar. We all started with a warm up and then a 30 minute Siu Lim Tao which then readies you for the rest of the seminar ahead.

Each footwork has its own name/meaning, position and application thus allowing you to understand why we do differing footwork for certain situations. GM Tse/Tai-Sigong explained in detail how beneficial the footwork training is, and how to apply each one for training purposes and in practical real life situations.
There is very little (if any) detailed explanation of Wing Chun footwork on the internet so therefore most of the time this important aspect is overlooked and under utilised by many Wing Chun practitioners; therefore leading them to use upper body strength and not utilise positioning and application.
After a short interlude, we were put into breakout groups to discuss and debate the 10 stars ⭐️, then everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions and to see how much they had retained knowledge wise which is extremely beneficial when wanting to take your Wing Chun to a higher level.
It was engrossing to hear GM Tse explain how to deal with flying kicks, multiple opponents, opposing styles, (plus much more) and how Wing Chun power comes from the legs.
As always this seminar was absolutely fantastic and great to see GM Tse answer everyone’s questions, and I’m sure that every student who has attended will have much clearer footwork when training and a greater understanding of each of the 10 stars.
GM Tse always states that it is his goal to pass on the knowledge that he has learned from Sijo Ip Chun, therefore allowing students to follow his way of teaching, and to be clear and concise when answering questions about Wing Chun. This is why these seminars are such an invaluable resource and definitely worth attending if you have the chance.
Thank you 🙏🏽 to GM Tse, and all my Wing Chun brothers and sisters, junior and senior alike for your continuing help on this wonderful journey.
by Eric Paule

Thank you for another 10 Star Foot Work seminar. It is good to consolidate what we have learnt. I look forward to the next time we get together for Chi Sau.
Peter W

A really good final 10 star footwork seminar. A final walk through all ten techniques. I now feel that I have a good overview of wing chun stepping and even some real detail for some of the steps. Taisigong’s detailed explanations were very though provoking and really helped bed in the information. Daniel

Excellent ending to a great series of seminars on Wing Chun footwork today! All the stepping techniques and applications are much clearer now. I will miss the communal 30 min Sunday Siu Lim Tao sessions. Thank you, Sigong. Best, Tom Hogg.

Good productive session this afternoon, many thanks to Sifu an everyone involved in organising this! We were tested constantly and consistently to ensure that the skills were properly taught and drilled in. By the end of this course I can definitely feel more confident in listing all the different types of footwork needed for Wing Chun.

The last seminar of 10 star footwork clarified some important points on the advanced footwork, especially for the two Fai Ma stepping. It’s given me a lot to think about, like when considering the situation when there are multiple opponents. Thankyou Tai Sigong for this seminar series, it has been interesting to consider the footwork in more detail. Looking forward to more seminars and seeing everyone in the future, thanks, Rod.

The final seminar on Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork gave a very thorough run-through of all the different stepping techniques with explanations to the various questions asked. I’ve been particularly impressed by the systematic approach in this series of seminars. It has really helped me in my Wing Chun practice. Thank you Sigong. Peter Hogg

All done and much clearer! taking forward the three-fact approach will definitely help for the future, remember the name, attack and defend applications, and how to train it! This seminar series has been a great example of how online is an opportunity to go into much deeper theory with a group, I have really enjoyed it. Thanks Sigong!
Lee B

Great finale! I feel I understand why and how to train the different stars now. It is clear how this is one of the cornerstones of wing chun and that we have to reach a good level to be able to fight efficiently.
Thank you Sigong.
Paul Hogg

A very satisfying finish to this wonderful series of seminars. Going through all 10 stars in detail has been a revelatory and consolidating experience, thank you Sigong for pushing us to become more knowledgeable and clear. Sam

Thank you Sigong for the final Ten Star Footwork installment! I appreciate the polishing session…I needed it! Thank you Rick for leading us during Siu Lim Tao and thank you Lee, Sam, and Yun Ki for your help in the breakout room.
Unfortunately, this was the last one…I am sad to say, but perhaps there will be another polishing in the future? Fingers crossed!!!
Deborah Hart

I am very grateful for this seminar as I got to understand, learn and build on top of what I have learned so far. It has been very useful to go through all stances and steps and to better understand them every time. Thank you Sifu!