Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork Pt9

This was the 9th part of the Wing Chun Footwork series of seminars, and we learnt the 10th and last footwork. 
Two more seminars are planned to learn how to train and apply all 10 footwork.
Sigong (Grandmaster Tse) has formalised Wing Chun leg techniques into 10 main footwork. During the seminar lecture, Sigong made a parallel between 10 main techniques for hands and the 10 techniques for legs.
He went through all 10 hand and leg techniques, explaining their major attributes and meaning. For the hand techniques (Tan, Bong, Fuk, Wu, Paak, Gum, Cau Cha, Laap, Jut, Tok) each technique can have at least 3 variations, and combined with other hands and different energies, the total number can easily reach 50 hand techniques!
As for the previous seminars in this series, Sigong divided us into groups so we had time to revise all the footwork already learnt, before it was time for each of us to answer a question about one of the footwork. As we had learnt 9 footwork so far, and for each footwork we had to explain either the meaning of the name, the application, or the position / training method, it took some time to review them all! However, we still had time at the end to learn the last footwork, Jih Yau Ma, freestyle stepping. This was a combination of all the previous 9 footwork, executed in a random order. Sigong also checked several of us to see if we performed them adequately and were able to stop on command with the correct shoulder width distance between our feet.
It has been invaluable to learn in such detail and depth the various proper Wing Chun footwork. Good footwork is key to the effectiveness of Wing Chun, so we should all be a lot clearer on what to do now!

Student Comments

Sifu, thank you as always for a great seminar. It is always great to go over what we have learnt as there is always something that we have forgotten. The Jie Yau Ma is very exciting and I will see if I can do for five full minutes. I look forward to the next seminar. Peter W

Good to finish all the stars – looking forward to the practical applications next time. Ji Yau Mah was quite interesting – a real work out!
Thank you Sigong for another enjoyable seminar today.
Paul Hogg

Great to cover the last footwork! Suddenly stopping is a really good test of whether we are stable and come back to shoulder width. In our breakout room we went through the stars backwards in case we ran out of time and I am glad we did — it gave us more time to focus on the more recent steps. A nice clear seminar with a good Siu Lim Tao as well. Thanks Sigong!

Excellent 10 star seminar, so good to go through all the meanings, applications and positions. With the Siu Lim Tao and the freestyle it was a good workout too! Thank you Sifu
Peter A

Very productive and structured session, I feel as though the techniques are beginning to really become ingrained into my mind. Many thanks to Sifu for organising this seminar and all of the previous parts before it!

Ten Star Wing Chun Footwork part nine was great, as usual – the last bit on Jih Yauh Mah certainly got me warm. It sounds interesting that some techniques are going to be introduced in the last two instalments – looking forward to them! Thank you Sigong
Peter H

Great to train with sigong and go deeper into the 10 star footwork skill. I found the lecture about 10 important hands really interesting too. Thanks sigong

A really good. Wing Chun Ten Star Footwork – Part 9
It was great to bring in and discuss the hand techniques also.
As ever it was great to consolidate our learning in break out rooms.. The final free style footwork is very interesting and I will see if I can incorporate it into daily training. I look forward to the next seminar. Daniel

Great to return to the 10 Star Footwork after so many weeks since the last seminar, and to finish learning all the different stepping techniques. The Jih Yauh Ma is very challenging, even just to practise for 5 minutes, but highly rewarding. Thank-you Sifu.

Thank you Sigong for another fantastic installment of the Ten Star Footwork seminar. Thank you Siba for leading us during Siu Lim Tao…and thank you Andrew & Rodney for your help in the breakout room. I can’t wait to get outside to practice my “freestyle” footwork!
Deborah Hart

Thankyou Taisigong for 10 star part 9, there was alot of information in todays seminar which has helped clarify several points for me, particularly the difference between Biu Ma and Faai Juen Ma. Thankyou, looking forward to next one, Rod.

It is great to go through again and reinforce understanding about footwork in Wing Chun and to see how the hand techniques compliment the footwork. Thank you Sifu!